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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Foxes on Animal Jam Now


Sunday, December 8, 2013

Arctic Wolves and Adventures

Happy Jamaalidays everyone!

I'm visiting for the Jamaalidays, since Christmas is my favorite holiday.

But during my visit, I have been doing other activities, such as going on adventures, playing games, and visiting the few buddies that are still online.

The one adventure that I'm a pro at because I have been doing so much is Return of the Phantoms.

I don't do it with other Jammers, though, because I prefer doing things alone.

I can't escape others at some times, so I end up doing adventures with other Jammers and working together.

What really bothers me, though, is the fact that they always leave.

Now I knew from the beginning of my adventures why this is.

You guys all know the "secret" caverns that you can get to if you have a specific animal to unlock them.

Of course, when I do this adventure, I can't get in to this cavern. But that doesn't bother me as an adventurer.

I'm guessing as a lazy, rare finder, it would bother some Jammers.

I'm saying that the majority of Jammers that I go on adventures with do it because you get a special item from going through this cavern. Some might even say that they want to go on an adventure only with an arctic wolf so that they can get the item and then leave the adventure without caring that they'll lose their progress.

I like doing these adventures because they can be a challenge, and I like getting points to get to a higher level.

I get the items and gems too, if I can, but otherwise, I do it for points, too.

Don't do adventures just for the items. It's ridiculous, and you'll get nowhere. Besides, since all the games are giving rares away, what's rare anymore? Nothing.


P.S. I found a haircut that I am so getting one day.

Go Lara!


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