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Daily Updates

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Monkey's Only Party Item

In the brand new Monkey's Only Party, there's a new Jungle Gym for your monkey!

I'm sorry, but I couldn't get a picture, since they only hold the party like, twice a day. Thanks Animal Jam, you make it very easy to get pictures in the parties.

Here, I'll draw the picture, trying my best to make it look like the real thing, as seen on RainbowRider's blog:

Yeah, I know, it's a terrible drawing hahaha.

But hey, it's better than nothing!

Also, I was in RainbowRider's den with her and Skerrymalas, and my computer froze for a second, so I took this pic of how my monkey looked:

Oh, and that "rrrrrrrb" was RainbowRider, saying "Brrrrrrrrb" hehehehehe.

Jam On!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monkeys Have Returned to Jamaa!

Today, new discoveries have been made around Jamaa!

All Jammers have reached 100 Million gems, bringing monkeys back to Jamaa, along with new Monkey Pets!
How many gems did you guys donate?

The monkey pets are available at the new Monkeys Only Party!
They look kinda like spider monkeys to me....
Also, to celebrate monkeys coming back, Animal Jam is holding a Monkeys Only Party!

I shall post the details for that later, when I can get into the party.

Anywhays, remember Coral Corners? Of course you do. It was taken away and replaced by Den Depot.
But now, it's getting replaced (sort of) at Sarepia Forest! I'm guessing it's the new version of Coral Corners, with new plants coming in, and possibly some old ones!

Also, at the Summer Carnival, you can now purchase tickets with your gems!

The categories are 1,000 tickets for 500 gems, 2,000 tickets for 1,000 gems, or 5,000 tickets for 2,500 gems.

Remember to visit the Summer Carnival and get your prizes before it closes! All prizes are on Sale!
Also, Dr. Brady Barr has made some videos with facts about monkeys and primates! (Aren't those the same thing?)
Those are just some of the videos. There's plenty more if you visit his Lab!

Also, for the month of September, the new Costume Corner outfit is the Mythical Giraffe!

Click the picture to view in full size!

An update on the Den Contest: Animal Jam Headquarters still hasn't chosen a winner, but they should be choosing one in 2 weeks! Hopefully by then everything's in it's fall version too!

Oh and one more thing.....me and some Jammers discovered either a glitch, or just something inconveniently new for the chat.
When I logged on today for the first time, I would say something, and then another thing. Then for some reason, what I said before and then before again would pop up without me typing!
But the second time I logged on, it didn't do it. It's probably just a glitch...
Enjoy the discoveries!
Jam On!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

'Shroom Chair & A Common Mailbag Question

Matching item to go with the Enchanted Hollow, we welcome the Mushroom Chair!

And yes, I like to call it the 'Shroom Chair hehehe.

But it does just look like a couple of mushrooms to me.
But still, a couple delicious bread-looking mushrooms. Mmmm...

On the other hand, I've received this question once, but still, I know many Jammers wonder the same thing:

"Animal Jam has gotten very very boring lately. I still love playing it, but sometimes I don't know what to do!"

Here are some suggestions on what you can do!

  • Find some buddies to hang around with (if they're online)
  • Make up your own adventures!
  • Do the Coral Canyons glitch and jump off the bridge! (Watch out for the beehive!)
  • Go in Jamaa and stop the scammers!
  • Send random "Happy Birthday" cards to a bunch of Jammers!
  • Visit a party!
  • Create a party!
  • Recycle unwanted stuff for more gems!
  • Make a forest in your den!
  • Go to Sarepia and pretend you're in a forest!
  • Dress up as much like one of each color as possible!
  • Make a roller coaster in your den using an Encahnted Hollow, Fantasy Castle, and a Mine Shaft entrance.
Yes I know, these are very many.
But have fun in Jamaa! Tomorrow, new discoveries will be made!
Jam On!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tip: Writing an Article for the Daily Explorer!

Hey all you Jammers!

Now, I know a lot of you guys would be dying to be part of the Daily Explorer News Crew, because I know I am!

Here are some tips you can jot down on a notepad, but if you would rather brainstorm yourself, don't click the spoil button!

'Shroom Table + Ice Breaking Real?

Another undergound den addition today, the Mushroom Table!

I like to call it the 'Shroom Table hehehe.

Hmm.....450 gems? Not bad, I guess, not bad.
Also, the top of the mushroom looks like bread to me. Mmm...bread...

If you check the Daily Explorer, there are a few new posts, such as the new Setting Features (new coming Thursday?), an update on the Monkey Fund, the news on the Rare Item Monday yesterday, and......could breaking the ice at Mt. Shiveer actually be possible?
Click this picture to read their post:

Hm.....maybe we don't need only seals after all. Could Jammers really break the ice? Or is it just something that makes a Shaman (or alpha, whatever) appear?
I say, we all BREAK THE ICE!!!

Hmm.....should we have an ice-breaking party?
Reveal your ideas in the comments!

Jam On!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Lei & Animal Jam's Response

It's Rare Item Monday! Yay!
It's a Non-Member item, the Rare Lei. A nice blue color!

But 400 gems? That's a lot of gems for just a lei.

Speaking of Non-Members, I wrote this very long letter to Animal Jam Headquarters a couple of days ago about the News Crew, but it mostly covered the problem between Members and Non-Members:

Dear Animal Jam Headquarters,
How come you haven't chosen any non members?
Are all Jammers equal on Animal Jam? I know members help by building new
features for Animal Jam, and I think that's great! But if all Jammers can
enter their articles for the News Crew, how come Non-Members haven't won? I
also have noticed that besides the Summer Carnival topic, the other 2
articles are member-related topics. I know that a member will win this one,
because they have a greater advantage at what they can do in order to win
with their articles!
I love Animal Jam, and I love how you guys have started the News Crew,
but when I know that only Members have been chosen and are most likely to
always be chosen, it makes all Non-Members feel excluded! We don't like how
Members act superior to us because they have their fancy badges and have
access to literally everything in Jamaa! But Non-Members, we are limited to
what we can do on Animal Jam.
"Pro" mode on Jamaa Derby? Members-Only for the News Crew, except that
you guys haven't told any of us that!
When I think about it, I feel that you guys purposely put all Jammers can enter the News Crew, but you didn't tell us that Members
would win,
because then you would know that it would upset all of the Non-Members! But
first, you guys should be honest to every Jammer who belongs on Animal Jam,
the only place where kids can be on their wild side! Every Jammer loves
Animal Jam, and to make them tell all of their friends, and people they
know, they should love it even more, such as winning the News Crew, or
finding out about all of the awesome Non-Member included features that are
updated every 2 weeks!
I know you guys will choose members only, but I'm going to keep trying
with my articles sent to the News Crew! Even if you guys actually tell us
that only Members can win the News Crew, I'm still going to try! (Unless
it stopped us)
But hopefully, the Animal Jam Headquarters aren't choosing members only.
I hope you guys judge the winners by their articles, not their accounts!
I hope you guys understand, and I want all of you to know that
Non-Members and Members should be treated equally!
I'm glad you guys (should) be thinking about this,
Jam On!

Feelers; Fauna Toughclaw

Do you want to see their ridiculous response? It didn't have ANY information regarding my letter. Just about thanking for suggestions.

Yup. You guys sure helped with my question.

Maybe if I tell them I was dying they would still say the same thing.

Jam On!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mine Shaft Door: A Perfect Addition to Your Enchanted Hollow!

This new den item would really go great with your new Enchanted Hollow den, because of the nice decor of crystals, plus, since this den is underground, you can dig for crystals whenever you please!

A Mine Shaft Door! Maybe in a few days we'll get more additions for the Enchanted Hollow....hm....

Also, remember to donate gems for the Monkey Fund in Jamaa! We are very close to getting to 100 Million Gems!

Oh and by the by.... I emailed Animal Jam a long letter about the News Crew, but it mostly argued about the fairness between members and Non-Members. They haven't replied yet, but this post will probably jinx it, so when I check my email again, I'll get a response.

I'll post the response tomorrow. If I get it.

Jam On!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Underwater Monocle!

(If I'm mad I'll put this at the beginning of the post)

Hiya Jammers!

Today's item is an underwater item, the Monocle!

Very sophisticated, and neat!

Ugh, I got a reply from Animal Jam Headquarters. Here's what I wrote to them:

Now here is their reply. It has so much information.

That sure helps with my question, but I won't give up! I shall keep writing articles to Animal Jam HQ!

Jam On!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Fox Tail Chair and Mysterious Icon?

I just got back from playing with ChutesandLadders. She's fun.

This may be the start of a new den collection, fox style! I sure hope they aren't using real fox tails for the furniture! o0o

I like the bushy tail. That'll keep your back warm I guess....

Also, I've been seeing this pattern around Jamaa (outside, mostly) quite a few times:

Not only is it a symbol like this, it's also a option as a pattern for your animal!

Hmm... this has just caught my eye several times before. Since it's just a symbol, and not really an item on Animal Jam, then I don't really have any guesses on what this could mean.

Do you Jammers have any guesses on what this could mean?

Oh and on the DE, there's a new News Crew topic, this time on Taking care of your pet Turtle!

If they choose a non member this time...hmm...what should I do if they actually choose a non member this time? Eat my hat? Hmm.

Jam On! (Hopefully without any power outages again)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crossbows Available for Members!

I just got back from an awesome adventure in Jamaa with my buddies, jumping off of the Coral Canyons bridge and falling into the beehive. Me and Greenleafs got stung in the face and bottom >-<

Den collections on hold, today is a clothing item (obviously members only) found in Epic Wonders!

It's the Crossbow, and automatic Bow and Arrow. I like Bow and Arrows better. Then I'm not lazy.

Wow, I guess Animal Jam is attempting to make it fair for both Members and Non-Members by raising the prices for member clothing. Non-Member prices raise sometimes though too...

Also, on the DE, they have a few more posts, like ones about Wolf Plushies and the Den Contest!

Oh, and here papad, I made this for you, and for all Jammers to see, don't worry, it's NOT supposed to be you, but I just wanted to draw a picture :D

This picture's just awesome, isn't it?

Jam On!

Blog Updates:

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Feelers' Adventures In Jamaa (Story): Mira's Awakening

This is just Chapter 1 of a story I started writing today.

Yes, I know it's lame, but I just wanted to share it!

Chapter 1

    I felt the cool breeze in Sarepia, smelling the sweet thorned roses on the bush. My stomach grumbled. I was starving.
    Transformed into my bunny, I plucked some big blackberries from the bush, carefully placing them in my pouch to save for later.
    Suddenly, the smell came over me. A wolf? No, I couldn't match the scent. Another bunny? Not that either. I transformed into my wolf once more, and put my muzzle to the dirt, attempting to track the scent.
    The scent wasn't bad. It smelled like rare rose petals, not found around Jamaa much. It was unusual, and the scent seemed to be getting stronger.
    Bump. Ouch. My nose had hit a firepit. But... where did it come from? The rocks may have scattered in a circle, but they wouldn't budge when I kicked them. Wood was in the center of the pit. Not any kind of wood though, some bark I've never smelled before.
    Suddenly, everything went black.

Wooden Collection: Wooden Toy Box!

Late post again, sorry for that.

Today is a pretty cool item to contribute to the new Wooden Collection, den style, the Wooden Toy Box!

I think this items, pretty neat, don't ya think?

But they're still killing trees, but I have a lucious forest in my den to save them! Yay!

Ah, if only this toy box could open, revealing the Shaman toys within!

Which reminds me, I still need to email Animal Jam about the News Crew problem. Time to protest >:D

Alsoooo, I would love to thank WolfTown56 (click the link to visit her pawesome blog!) for making me this totally raging banner for me!

I LOVE this banner! I also love the dynamite next to me >:D

Thanks WolfTown! You're such a great buddy!

Jam On!


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