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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Crossbows Available for Members!

I just got back from an awesome adventure in Jamaa with my buddies, jumping off of the Coral Canyons bridge and falling into the beehive. Me and Greenleafs got stung in the face and bottom >-<

Den collections on hold, today is a clothing item (obviously members only) found in Epic Wonders!

It's the Crossbow, and automatic Bow and Arrow. I like Bow and Arrows better. Then I'm not lazy.

Wow, I guess Animal Jam is attempting to make it fair for both Members and Non-Members by raising the prices for member clothing. Non-Member prices raise sometimes though too...

Also, on the DE, they have a few more posts, like ones about Wolf Plushies and the Den Contest!

Oh, and here papad, I made this for you, and for all Jammers to see, don't worry, it's NOT supposed to be you, but I just wanted to draw a picture :D

This picture's just awesome, isn't it?

Jam On!

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  1. Heh yeah i got stung all over o-o


    1. Yep that was such a fun time! :D

      Jam On!

    2. Yea, after you left my supples backpack got stuck on a cactus needle and all my contents spilled. I ALPHABETIZED ALL THAT JUNK! It does come in handy sometimes...

      papad91278's the glitch queen

      PS This message is from Chutes, thanking you for her pretty picture. Deaw Miss Feewews.
      Fank woo fow da pwetty pictuw. Meh hung it up in my sepewate den, I wive to sewve da den of papad.
      Fanks wagan.


      That's my storage, sorry this is soooooooooooooo long

      PAPAD91278's TGQ!

    3. Hahaha oh man that was hilarious and I LOVE your storage she's so much fun!

      Jam On!

    4. FANK WOO! I is getting a funny tigew

      ChutesandLadders, graduated from handwriting class

  2. O YA first comment i got the crossbow

  3. Hi feelers you are invited to my...
    Please reply ASAP to show you are coming or not! the party is scheduled for:
    When: August 25, 2012.
    Reason: Eh, its just for fun!
    Time: 10:00 (site time)
    Where: IAwesomeKid's den (mine)
    People invited: You are the VIP and the rest of the people; random people on aj.

    1. Thanks for letting me know the details! I don't think I can make it though, unfortunately, because that's actually too early for me.

      Jam On!

  4. lol i thought of something funny for my storage to say to everyone
    "Princess lives to serve the noble den of papad, and have a little fun with it" in her weird accent.
    That is a imitation of:
    "Kreacher lives to serve the noble house of Black"
    Kreacher is a possible registered trademark from harry potter. All trademarks go to their respectful owners

    papad91278's the glitch queen


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