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Daily Updates

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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Monkeys Have Returned to Jamaa!

Today, new discoveries have been made around Jamaa!

All Jammers have reached 100 Million gems, bringing monkeys back to Jamaa, along with new Monkey Pets!
How many gems did you guys donate?

The monkey pets are available at the new Monkeys Only Party!
They look kinda like spider monkeys to me....
Also, to celebrate monkeys coming back, Animal Jam is holding a Monkeys Only Party!

I shall post the details for that later, when I can get into the party.

Anywhays, remember Coral Corners? Of course you do. It was taken away and replaced by Den Depot.
But now, it's getting replaced (sort of) at Sarepia Forest! I'm guessing it's the new version of Coral Corners, with new plants coming in, and possibly some old ones!

Also, at the Summer Carnival, you can now purchase tickets with your gems!

The categories are 1,000 tickets for 500 gems, 2,000 tickets for 1,000 gems, or 5,000 tickets for 2,500 gems.

Remember to visit the Summer Carnival and get your prizes before it closes! All prizes are on Sale!
Also, Dr. Brady Barr has made some videos with facts about monkeys and primates! (Aren't those the same thing?)
Those are just some of the videos. There's plenty more if you visit his Lab!

Also, for the month of September, the new Costume Corner outfit is the Mythical Giraffe!

Click the picture to view in full size!

An update on the Den Contest: Animal Jam Headquarters still hasn't chosen a winner, but they should be choosing one in 2 weeks! Hopefully by then everything's in it's fall version too!

Oh and one more thing.....me and some Jammers discovered either a glitch, or just something inconveniently new for the chat.
When I logged on today for the first time, I would say something, and then another thing. Then for some reason, what I said before and then before again would pop up without me typing!
But the second time I logged on, it didn't do it. It's probably just a glitch...
Enjoy the discoveries!
Jam On!


  1. That happened to me also the other day! But, nobody can see your "glitch chats".

  2. That happened to me too, (as you know,) and I logged out THREE times, but it still kept on messing up. My friend said that AJ went offline there for a little bit, and I'm assuming they fixed this annoying glitch, because it didn't happen to me today.


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