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Daily Updates

Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Sunday, March 31, 2013


Hey Jammers!

Sorry for posting so late, I was spending my wonderful Easter with my family and 8 aunts and uncles and their kids. So fun!

The new item today is a Longboard, found on the first page of Jam Mart Furniture. 

In my personal opinion, I don't really like longboards. Here, they're the "cool" thing, instead of real skateboards. Oh well. At least they're better than Ugg Boots and leggings as pants. Leggings are NOT jeans, people.

Have you done the Egg Hunt around Jamaa yet? The Daily Explorer has posted their piece about the spring egg hunt:

That is one BIG egg. One time, we found a broken robin's egg in one of our flower pots. It was awesome.

I enjoy a great Easter, don't you?

How was your guys' Easters? Do anything fun?

Jam On!

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Animal Jam's Font

Hey Jammers!

I guess a few of you have figured out that I have been using the Animal Jam font on this blog. Just the creator's secret, I guess.

Does this look familiar?

That's how I discovered it! My sister has a Spongebob pillow, and I did a double-take at it and freaked out when I found at that it was the font that Animal Jam uses for most of it's words, just not all of them. Wow. That was a long sentence.

So, searching "Animal Jam's font" never worked, so I searched "Spongebob Squarepants title font". Then, I had discovered the wonderful font of Tiki Island. It really matches the name, don't you think?


At first, I didn't download it, because it didn't work. Then on this laptop we have, I added it to our font list. Now I can use it with Blogger automatically (right now it isn't working...) and for Microsoft Word.

Feel free to use the font! You don't have to give me credit, because it isn't my own font. If you use it, there's a 51% chance that you had learned the font name from me, so that's credit enough.

Enjoy the free font!

Jam On!

Baseball Cap

Hey Jammers!

Jamaa's Baseball League has brought you you're very own Baseball Cap!

Now you can join the cheering and possibly catch a baseball! Maybe we'll get a Baseball mitt glove thing? 

I'm not a baseball player, but I do know that it's pretty fun to play and to watch!

The Daily Explorer also has a reminder post of the fact that koalas are leaving with Cosmo!

Whoops. Wrong Cosmo...

These cute, furry creatures will no longer be available in 2 weeks! Get your koala today!

Jam On!


Friday, March 29, 2013

A Hint of the New Land?

Hey Jammers!

Today's new item is in Jam Mart Clothing. They're Baseball Cleats!

Jamaa must be getting ready for the Baseball Season! A great article of clothing for you and your buddies!

So yesterday, the new Jamaa Journal announced that Cosmo, the Koala Alpha, is taking all of the koalas to find a new land. I was looking at Cosmo's Alpha bio on The Daily Explorer.

In this article on Cosmo, it says that Cosmo likes the natural world and plants, probably because he's a koala, right?
Since koalas love plants and nature so much, we might be getting a land that's full of trees and nature. Do you think it would be one of these lands?

Both of those lands look full of trees, unlike the one next to Mt. Shiveer, which looks like it has more earth than trees. 
What if these lands were one big land, but split in two parts?

Show your ideas in a comment if you like!

Jam On!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sky High Tips

    Sky High has become a widely-played game in Jamaa because of the prizes they give out, such as Pirate Swords, Rare Worn Blankets, and Freedom items.

    But it's weird, because when I play it, it does a weird glitch. What I do is hop right as I hit the cloud so that I can maneuver faster to the next one. Sometimes, when I'm right above the cloud I'm about to jump on, I'll jump as I hit the cloud, but then my animal glides by itself!

Okay, this isn't a very good picture, but it really bugs me how this happens.
Sometimes my screen even stops for a split second, then continues to run normally while the music still plays, and that also causes me to fall.

But anyway, here are some tips in order to survive these glitches, or to just be more of a Sky High Ninja.

  • One thing you could do is do what I do and jump as you hit the cloud. It helps really well if you're trying to reach a cloud that's on the opposite side of the sky.
  • Look before you head to another cloud! When you're just getting into the air after jumping on a cloud, watch where the phantoms are, and where the best-to-reach clouds are.
  • You must be swift as the coursing river. Make sure you press the arrow keys fast enough to get to another cloud, and get past the phantoms if you're gliding above them.
  • Have you seen the clouds that are right next to each other, and both have single gems on them? An easy way to get both of them is to glide right over the cloud closest to you, and use the next one to bounce you off in the sky. This might sound complicated, but when you see the clouds, you should get it tout suite! (right away)
  • Don't hold down the right or left arrow too long. Sometimes, this is what causes you to continue gliding and fall. When you are right next to the cloud you are going to jump on, tap the arrow instead of holding it down. It will give you a better chance of staying in that one spot above the cloud!
  • Some Jammers are even used to holding down the up arrow, despite the fact that it doesn't do anything. I tried it, and it helped a little bit, but then my finger got in the way and I fell....but try it if you like!
     Hopefully these tips help! I know I still fall every once in a while, but I hope that you guys win great prizes!
Jam On!

10 Million Jammers!

Hey Jammers!

Today's the day of the new update and things coming to Jamaa!

Most importantly, 10,000,000 Jammers have come to Jamaa ever since Jamaa was discovered! 

As a prize, you can log in with the code 10Million to get a banner!

Also, the HQ has put double gems for every game in Jamaa!

If only Sky High didn't have that gliding glitch....

Also, it's almost Easter, so the Egg Hunt is now available!

The post below this one is the Egg Hunt guide, but now you can look in the "Other Guides" tab in the blue navbar to get to it.

Next Monday is also April Fool's Day, so April's monthly gift is Spirit Armor!

Pretty cool animated helmet! Hopefully this isn't a joke...

Also, Cosmo, the Koala Alpha, is leaving with all of Jamaa's koalas in search for a new land!

If you already have a koala, then you're able to keep it, but on April 11th, you can no longer purchase koalas!

What do you think the new land will be? Maybe it has to do with koalas....

The April Fool's party has also been added to the Party icon! Visit the party to find all kinds of wacky items!

 Why was the broom late for school? It over swept!
Do you love jokes? Send in yours through Jammer Central!

Also, a mystery page...

Yay! I love adventures! Maybe this is why there was the mysterious sticky note pad on that one Daily Explorer picture...

We'll have to see on April 11th!

One more thing....yesterday's item was a surfboard that was red, and had a shark bite in it.

Now, it's a normal surfboard! I guess it was just a small mistake.


I give up.

Jam On!

Egg Hunt Guide

Here are all of the Eggs in each land!

1. Jamaa Township
Located by Mira's statue.

2. Appondale

Located by the large tree.

3. Mt. Shiveer
Located by the seal cavern.

4. Sarepia Forest
Located next to the slide, in a tree.

5. Coral Canyons
Located by Sky High.

6. The Lost Temple of Zios
Located south from Falling Phantoms, by the creek.

7. Canyons Pathway
Located at the end of path, by the entrance to Crystal Sands.

8. Crystal Sands
Located by Tierney's Aquarium.

Oh, egg puns...

Eggtravagant! A nest of eggs!

Happy Easter!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Hey Jammers!

Today's item is the return of the Surfboard, located in Sunken Treasures!

A nice sunken addition to your underwater den!

Like Jammer's Art? The Daily Explorer has posted some cool art by Jammers!

You can submit your own at Jammer Central in Jamaa Township!

And a heads up, a new Jamaa Journal will be printed tomorrow, and new things will be brought to Jamaa!

Jam On!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Skull Necklace

Hey Jammers!

Today's item can be found in Bahari Bargains; it's a Skull Necklace!

Perfect for those of you whole are like real pirates, or just love skull necklaces.

On the other hand, the Daily Explorer has 2 new posts, one on the Epic Den of the week, and on the Rare Item that came out yesterday.
Congrats King Fastcat!

Also, I know that this blog might be starting up roughly, but if you want to see anything new here, just ask in a comment, or contact me!

Jam On!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Animal Jam Is Not A Life

I'm pretty sure that when you read the title, you said "Well duh!"

So I know, Jammers love to play Animal Jam, and they have enough time to post and go around looking for things to post about, and such, right?

But it's starting to seem like Jammers have been spending too much time on Animal Jam, and it seems like they're turning into what they type or what they do on Animal Jam, such as "dating" and having weddings, or scamming. Have you ever wondered what these types of Jammers are like in real life?

I'm always asking, "Why do Jammers 'date' on Animal Jam?" Well, some might want to be like others, having a boyfriend or girlfriend, but not really thinking about what that does to their life. Being in that kind of relationship takes a lot of responsibility, not just "oh I like you let's date". This person is (or should be) important at the time. They aren't just some person that you hold hands with because they're "hot".

Scamming. WHYYY? Because Jammers think that these items are REAL and worth REAL things, because other Jammers want them and they think that they're IMPORTANT and what Animal Jam is all about. It's not.

For some Jammers, they need every opportunity they can get to play Animal Jam. School, in between chores, instead of homework. I mean, what can you really do on Animal Jam that is SO IMPORTANT and means more than what you are doing right now? Yes, I know that many people think that school is stupid and worthless. No, they don't usually teach you about taxes, but without school, we would all be asking why we have to go to the bathroom. Or something.

Animal Jam is something fun you can play, but it shouldn't be something that takes up your whole life! Every second, you're aging and aging and aging. Cells are dying, your body is dying, and you're one second closer to death. Sounds pessimistic, but it's true. Spend some time with family, be thankful for learning about the Pythagorean Theorem or the Oxford Comma. Your life is valuable, and this valuable time goes by very quickly, so make the best of it!

Jam On!

Glitching Site

Hey Jammers!

I'm on Animal Jam's home site, and it's doing some weird things...

So I refreshed the page, but it remained the same. Then I logged out of DarkFeelers, and logged into Feelers. Then I got this screen:
Okay, is this just this laptop that's making this happen? Are you guys getting this screen too?

Jam On!


Birds Of Paradise Guide

    Here are all of the birds of paradise, located around the new party!

1. Blue Bird of Paradise
This wondrous bird sits itself on the flower cart, in the right section of the party.

2. Greater Bird of Paradise
This bird is also in the right part of the party, in the treetops.

3. King Bird of Paradise
This small red bird is perched on the branch that sticks out on a tree, right next to the little shop cart.

4. King of Saxony Bird of Paradise
This bird is known for its long antenna-like feathers that stick out from its head. It's located in the trees in the middle of the party, by the flower cart.

5. Lesser Bird of Paradise
Recognize the bird? It's a twin of the Greater Bird of Paradise, but a different gender. It sits on the treetops at the bottom of the party, not the right.

6. Magnificent Riflebird Bird of Paradise
 I love this bird. It "connects" it's wings above its head, then uses swings its head back and forth to attract a mate. It can also make its blue chest look like a face! It's located in the same tree as the King of Saxony.
The yellow-ish part in the middle is its beak, and the blue part is its chest!

7. Paradise Riflebird Bird of Paradise
Go to the top part of the party. There are some old ruin-like rocks, and a well. Left of those is this awesome bird.

8. Red Bird of Paradise
From where you enter the party (by the shop cart), go down the path. You'll see a tree to your right, and a stream with a lily pad. This red bird will be eating blueberries.

9. Twelve-Wired Bird of Paradise
If you go to the top of the party by the right part of the ruins, this bird will be climbing up and down a long stick!

10. Victoria's Riflebird Bird of Paradise
This bird looks similar to the Magnificent Riflebird, but it doesn't have a blue chest. It's right of the flower cart, on a tree.

11. Western Parotia Bird of Paradise
This is another one of my favorite birds of paradise. It looks like a ballerina, and it dances around to attract a mate. If you go down and left from the shop cart (below the King Bird of Paradise), then this dancing bird will be by some rocks.

12. Wilson's Bird of Paradise
If you go to the lower-middle part of the stream, you'll see the Wilson's bird of paradise on a tree, by the lily pad.

Now, after seeing all of those beautiful birds, you get a Paradise Throne as a gift for completing this portion of the Journey Book!


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