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Daily Updates

Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Silver Non Member Gloves + Monthly Member Gift

Epic Wonders has released Silver Gloves!

Hey Jammers!

If you go and check in Epic Wonders in the Clothing Globe, you will find these for non members:

Silver Gloves, for non members!

In 2 days, the next Rare Item Monday is coming, and it is likely that it will be Freedom Cuffs!

Also, this is the July Monthly Member Gift!

This is the Nature Archway, coming tomorrow for Members!

Thursday, June 28, 2012

New Sign-In Page!

Hey Jammers!

I was about to log on to Animal Jam when I saw the new homepage for the website! It looks great!

The odd thing is that I keep seeing those little birds everywhere on Animal Jam. Do you think they might be a new pet soon for members?

I love this new homepage, and I hope it stays this way for a while!

What do you guys think of the new homepage?

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Golden Pirate Swords

Hey Jammers!

Golden Pirate Swords are in Epic Wonders for members only!

They're 2,500 gems!

Also, I don't understand why they're Pirate Swords but for Members only...

This might mean that regular Pirate Swords will come out soon!

Jam On!

Ice Dresser: Penguins Only Party

Heya, jammers!
As of today, you can find an ice dresser in the Penguins Only Party. A very neat item for a snow fort den! This item is 500 gems.
This item is members only.
What do you think of this new item? Some non-ice items are on top of the dresser.
Have a jammin' good time!

Monday, June 25, 2012

RIM: Freedom Cape

Heya, jammers!
There's a new RIM out (Rare Item Monday). It's a cape! Don't let anyone fool you into thinking these are rare.
What's weird is that AJHQ posted on The Daily Explorer that Freedom Bands are today's rare....
It's weird. LoveLost had said Freedom Bands were coming. She was right, except they're back on The Daily Explorer, not on Animal Jam. Either AJHQ meant to have Freedom Bands as the RIM, or they meant to have the cape as the RIM and posted Freedom Bands on The Daily Explorer.
Have a jammin' good time!

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beret + Sand Dollar

Heya, jammers!
There's a new beret out! Another human-like item, I see......Well, if you're French, you might enjoy this item to have on one of your animals!

300 gems, members only. 
There's also a sand dollar necklace out! Get ready for the summer by putting this necklace on one of your animals!

500 gems, members only. You can see it's for underwater animals only.
Have a jammin' good time!

Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Carnival Tip: Phantom Ball

A quick tip on Phantom Ball in the Summer Carnival

 In Phantom Ball, the object of the game is getting a ball in the highest scoring goals, or the glowing goals. Here is a tip for getting in the corner 250 Points goal.

First, here is a little show of the arrow for the point goals:

Position the arrow so it looks something like this:
Make it so that the arrow is pointing at the 250 goal, and make the yellow part stop near the top, but not all the way, or it will go too high.

You can also position the arrow like this:
If you position it so the arrow points to the side on which the 250 goal lies, and you make the yellow stop at the right time, then the ball will bounce off the side and into the 250 goal.

Summer Carnival Items

The Summer Carnival has a new item, and maybe some future ones....

   First of all, the Summer Carnival has a new item: The Sun Balloon!

Also, by the looks of the outside of the Clothes Prize Shelf, these might be future items for the Summer Carnival:
The green item looks like an Alligator Spine, the yellow item looks like Alligator Tail Armor or something, the shoes look like Birkenstocks, and it looks like the hat is like a Bob Marley hat or something. I like to call the striped item Fox Tail Armor. Could these be possible new items for the Carnival?

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Journey Book: Crystal Sands

Crystal Sands

1. Basilisk Lizard: This small, cute animal runs fast across the past next to Tierney's Aquarium.

2. Cacao Tree: This tall tree is right next to Captain Melville's Juice Hut.

3. Centipede: This bug crawls on the roof of the Pet Wash. ~Fun Fact~ The centipede is estimated to have about 100 legs, from the root word Cent meaning "hundred" or "hundredth" and the root word ped/pede meaning "foot".

4. Crab: This crustacean walks pretty fast right under Tierney's Aquarium. And it looks pretty mad. Hahaha.

5. Flamingo: This pink bird is on the rock where that other bird used to be, and where it would squawk annoyingly when you click on it.

6. Green Iguana: This cute creature crawls on the roof of Captain Melville's Juice Hut and will sit there for a few seconds.

7. Macaw: This colorful bird flies right to the roof of Tierney's Aquarium and will sit there for a few seconds. Then it will fly off.

8. Sand Dollar: These sand dollars are actually alive in real life! But the sand dollars in Crystal Sands don't move, and two of them are under the twin slides next to Captain Melville's Juice Hut.

9. Sugarcane: These tall flowers are aligned right across from the Cacao Tree, which would be near Captain Melville's Juice Hut.

10. Tapir: This animal is adorable, and walks right out of the cave that leads to Mt. Shiveer. It will walk out next to the slide.

11. Tide Pool: This Tide Pool is in the corner of Tierney's Aquarium, in the water. (Duh)

Your Prize, Jammer!

Penguin Update!

Heya, jammers!
Today the update came! As expected, now everyone can be a penguin! Enjoy your new animal, non-members!
I've spotted a few non-member penguins!
Speaking of animals, I see a new animal is coming to Jamaa. If you look on the second page of the Jamaa Journal, there's a riddle!
I've got to admit, I'm stumped. Any ideas, anyone?
Well, the pet contest is over. Many entered (like me) and the winner will be announced during the next update. I wonder what the new pet will be!
There's a new Crystal Sands Journey Book! Looks like AJHQ has a findings for every land now.
Heh, kinda hard to complete when the Crystal Sands land is full. I'll bet that cheats will be posted on Animal Jam Community.
Anyways, the Jamaa Journal states that there will be new stuff in the Summer Carnival all the time, and the carnival will continue all summer long. Be sure to keep checking back in the Summer Carnival for new items!
We've had a den sale, looks like now we have an arcade sale! Head down to the Sol Arcade and pick up your half-price arcade!
July 4th is rolling around! I'm late, I know, but I see that flags are out in Jam Mart Clothing! I would've posted it sooner, if it weren't for my slow internet.
I used to have a flag, but then I traded it. I don't know what I traded it for, however.
What is your favorite thing about this update?
Have a jammin' good time!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Freedom Mask: Rare Item Monday

Heya, jammers!
GreatShot here with the Rare Item Monday update! Today's RIM is surprisingly a Freedom Mask! I bought one, I was surprised to see these come out in Jam Mart Clothing!

800 gems, and, for non-members! Remember they're available TODAY ONLY, so save up your gems if you want to have these.
This Freedom Mask is found on the fourth page of Jam Mart Clothing, I believe.
Have a jammin' good time!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

New Chat

Heya, jammers!
I found something out, I'm not sure if another jammer has yet.
Laurel and I were talking in my den, and I was trying to say "Plusiegirl" (she's one of my friends). So I typed in this:
I had pressed enter and this popped up:
It said "plushie" instead of "plusie". Funny, huh?
Anyways, today's item is Pufferfish Spikes. Pretty neat!
550 gems, members only. The spikes grow in and out, just like the armor - I bought both of the pufferfish items for my shark.
Have a jammin' good time!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Leaf Necklaces: Jam Mart Clothing

Heya, jammers!
As you probably already know, leaf necklaces are BACK! If you never had a leaf necklace (like me) then now is your chance to get this item from the beginning of Animal Jam! It came back, just as LoveLost had predicted!
250 gems and members only. You can change the color of this item as well! Good thing it wasn't a Rare Item Monday - or else it'd be a different color than it was in stores a long time ago, and I don't consider Rare Item Mondays too rare.
Since I got my membership back, I can get this new item!
Have a jammin' good time!


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