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Friday, June 22, 2012

Summer Carnival Items

The Summer Carnival has a new item, and maybe some future ones....

   First of all, the Summer Carnival has a new item: The Sun Balloon!

Also, by the looks of the outside of the Clothes Prize Shelf, these might be future items for the Summer Carnival:
The green item looks like an Alligator Spine, the yellow item looks like Alligator Tail Armor or something, the shoes look like Birkenstocks, and it looks like the hat is like a Bob Marley hat or something. I like to call the striped item Fox Tail Armor. Could these be possible new items for the Carnival?


  1. Thanks feelers! I really Appreciate you putting me in 2 of your posts!
    Oh and come to my den tomorrow cause I have an idea for your blog! :D It's awesome!

    ~jammer31436 (but just call me Megan)

  2. I have to say something Feelers. In the comment Thingy You say "4.Please don't advertise your blog or anywhere on here!"
    Just read It and I think you might wanna change it. it sounds like you don't want peeps to advertize there blogs. -.- maybe that was a mis-wordage?

    ~jammer31436 (just call me Megan)

    1. ok MEGAN!i guess that all for my comments for today

  3. I know. i ahve played ALL the games there and got a tail then it got scammed!! BUDDY ME I'M DADDY5867


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