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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Penguin Update!

Heya, jammers!
Today the update came! As expected, now everyone can be a penguin! Enjoy your new animal, non-members!
I've spotted a few non-member penguins!
Speaking of animals, I see a new animal is coming to Jamaa. If you look on the second page of the Jamaa Journal, there's a riddle!
I've got to admit, I'm stumped. Any ideas, anyone?
Well, the pet contest is over. Many entered (like me) and the winner will be announced during the next update. I wonder what the new pet will be!
There's a new Crystal Sands Journey Book! Looks like AJHQ has a findings for every land now.
Heh, kinda hard to complete when the Crystal Sands land is full. I'll bet that cheats will be posted on Animal Jam Community.
Anyways, the Jamaa Journal states that there will be new stuff in the Summer Carnival all the time, and the carnival will continue all summer long. Be sure to keep checking back in the Summer Carnival for new items!
We've had a den sale, looks like now we have an arcade sale! Head down to the Sol Arcade and pick up your half-price arcade!
July 4th is rolling around! I'm late, I know, but I see that flags are out in Jam Mart Clothing! I would've posted it sooner, if it weren't for my slow internet.
I used to have a flag, but then I traded it. I don't know what I traded it for, however.
What is your favorite thing about this update?
Have a jammin' good time!


  1. Thank you SOOO much GreatShot for posting the update! I'll be sure and post the Journey Book page for Crystal Sands!

    Thanks again and Jam On!

  2. Oh and I think that the new animal might be a fox!

    1. Ok I didnt even see your post and I think its a fox too!


    2. Or a red panda...


    3. i think its a fox to :)

    4. yeah its a fox i have one...

  3. I think it might be a fox! And how do you get the comments to look like pink bubbles! I love it!


  4. The answer is a fox!! I hope they make it one of the animals 'cause I've always been asking them to have fox as an animal for us!! They are so awesome! =3

  5. I think it's a fox. That would be cool XP

    -ScarfaceOFsteamclan (add me!)

  6. i found out that it was a fox! :D


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