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Daily Updates

Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Url? (Um Part 3)

    I changed the name of my URL to animaljamhardcore.blogspot.com. It may be temporary, but if many people don't like it, then I will change it. Thank you! (Ok I have no idea why I said thank you)


    I was trying to get into Coral Canyons and it said it was full! I finally got in and I saw Wando20!

    Her blog is The Animal Jam Gossip! It looks awesome!

Another Mess-up

     So I was playing the "Temple of Trivia" game, and I was doing fine and then....

    This showed up! I was not gone for too long! This happened when I was about to do a good trade once too! Animal Jam should fix this..

Animal Jam Slow Loading......

    Hello! I was recently playing Twister for the "Can you Beat It?" page, and it was going really slooooooooow. While I started flying the numbers were still counting down on the screen for me to start playing! Then it looked the the screen was "skipping" or something...... It might be just the computer I use...... Does it happen to you guys? JAM ON!!!!

Friday, July 29, 2011

New Things for the blog?

   I keep having the feeling that I'm missing something to my blog....... but I don't know what it is. Do you guys have any ideas of what I should add? Thank you guys!


    I checked some other blogs....... I was reading and I saw some pictures taken from my blog to be used as their picture. I mean I know it's not exactly plagiarism, but I don't like it when people use my screenshots as their's. Can you at least ask before using my screeshots?

3,000 Views Party!

    There weren't very many people for the party, but that's still okay. Foxlen, BUBBLEDOUBLE, Star00000, and some guests were there dancing.

       First we were at Crystal Sands!

     Then we went to the Canyons Pathaway!

      Finally we went to the Juice Hut for smoothies!!! (YUM)

    Even if there weren't very many people we still had TONS of fun talking about random things and pizza and BACON! 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

    I added a "Contact Me" page, in case anyone wants to email me about suggestions, questions, or just want to talk! 
    Then I put the anniversary for this blog. The date is April 10, 2011! Every year we will have a party to celebrate the Anniversary of Fauna Toughclaw's Animal Jam Blog!

New Stuff for FTAJB!

  •     Wow that is a long name for a blog. Anyway, I added a new page: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions). Now, if you have any questions about my blog, how to put something on your blog, or about Animal Jam, then feel free to comment your questions so I can put them on the FAQ page and answer them!
  •     Then I put up a "More blogs" page. I know, I know, I don't have many blogs up there, but comment your blogs or other blog's you know and I will put them there!
  •     Since today is Thursday, I put up the first secret for the Secret page! This week's secret is on Trading. But no, it doesn't tell you how to scam or hack or anything.
  •     We have the first winner for Grab Bag!!!! A new mod for FTAJB, Infinity Coolgirl! (foxlen) She is allowed to pick a plushie!   

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Juvenile Delinquent

    I recently got on AJ, and a person showed up.

For the proof, I took some screenshots. Here are all 9.

I suggest that you watch out or report or ignore, or both.

*Random Post*

    This post is for anyone who would like to tell me anything that is off topic of another post. Feel free to post anything too! (No bad things, please respect, and definitely no bad words!)


    I'm soooo booooored. Let's see. On Sunday it was 93 degrees where I live, and the next day it was a thunder storm. I entered cupcakes in the fair where I live.... Im bored. Any ideas for anything on my blog?

Monday, July 25, 2011

New Servers!

    I went on AJ, and I think there were new servers. I'm not sure about Asaro, but there was Calle and Belaya (did I mention that one on a different post?). If I'm wrong then tell me because I don't usually keep track of which servers are new. 

Sunday, July 24, 2011

3,000 Views! *Update*

   Wow 3,000 views already! So I have set up a party plan..... 
   Hope you guys can come!! I won't be able to add everyone, because I don't have room in my buddy list. I might add a few, but not everyone! Jam on everyone!



    Wow we are already almost the 3,000 views for my blog! Thank you everyone! As soon as we reach 3,000, I will set up a party for fans, friends, and mods! Everyone keep Jamming and have fun!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Grab Bag! *Update*

    The Grab Bag is finished! I just hope that all my plushies aren't gone in a second like candy..
    Have fun with it and JAM ON!!

Grab Bag!

    For some random reason, I just wanted to do something called the Grab Bag. So about every few days or so, I would do something new for the Grab Bag or something. I'm not sure what I can really do with it, so you can guys give me some ideas? JAM ON!!!

Locations of The Crane

    I saw on Animal Jam that since everybody loved the new plushies at Crystal Sands, Animal Jam decided to put cranes throughout Jamaa. Now Crystal Sands won't be full, and you can enjoy the crane at other locations.
    Here are the locations of the Crane game:
                         Theater Lobby

And in the Appondale Museum
 And you all know, the one in Crystal Sands.
  There are also new servers. Bremer and Burke. JAM ON!!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

New Author!

 Hey fans of Fauna Toughclaw's Animal Jam blog! This is Fauna's sister Fauna Vinepride and I will not be doing Fauna Vinepride's Animal Jam blog not that much any longer. I have became an author to this blog! My name is Wolfpup99 and I am a member. You may see these names on Animal Jam somewhere around Jamaa: Flora Spiritmaster, Fauna Vinepride, Precious Daisystar, Countess Sunnyseal, Happy Berrybear and Princess Arcticmoon, I will have two new animals coming soon. My nametag is purple with a star on the side if you are my buddy and my den is always unlocked just in case you would like to visit it. But my den is locked at night though.

Crane Game

    The Crane has a new look to it because of the new plushies...

And the room was full, but luckily I got in the first time I clicked.

Uhhh, I don't know why that person said turtles though....
 Well anyway I just wanted to tell you that. And I spent like 75 gems playing it and I won like 3 times.
JAM ON!!  

Tons of New Stuff on Animal Jam!!

    I checked on Animal Jam, and there is like a dumpload of awesome new stuff out! Here are some pics for the new items and stuff:

 First, new plushies with different colors!
And butterflies for pets!
Also a new gift will be coming before or in the month of August!
And the pet wash is opened!
 Have fun with the new things around Jamaa and JAM ON!!


Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Game Room! *Update*

    Yes the game room is finished, and probably has been for a few days. I only have 2 so far because I'm thinking of more. I have a riddle and a "Find It" game. Feel free to comment your answers on the "Game Room" page! Have an idea for a new game? Comment on this post!!

Nonmembers and Members

    Many people are complaining about how many things are unfair for non members. I kept emailing Animal Jam and telling them to make at least the pets for non members. They emailed back saying that they occasionally put things for members only to reward them for helping keep AJ going. Animal Jam should make at least the pets for non members because then non members would play Animal Jam more often. But members do help Animal Jam stay online, because if it wasn't for members, Animal Jam wouldn't exist anymore! But yes, I think that the difference between members and non members is unfair. That was my only six dollars!

Animal Jam Reminder

    Just a reminder that the Coral Canyons Shop will be closing soon, and a new pet will be coming THIS FRIDAY.  
    Just remiding you. Nothing else. JAM ON!!


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