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Saturday, July 2, 2011

Summer Fun on AJ!

 Summer is an awesome time to go to the beach, and Animal Jam has helped put that together for us! I know they put the towels up like last week, but I just wanted to remind everyone to get outside and Step Into the Sun! When I went to Crystal Sands again today, I really wanted to go to the beach and just lie in the sun or enjoy the ocean again!    

Don't you just love the beach! Spend some time with your friends at Crystal Sands and relax in the sun!


  1. @ Knight Magicclaw

    Great! Have fun in the sun!

  2. about the "treats" page...
    back in the beginning there was a halloween celebration (btw thats where the scary batwings and scary horns come from). then they did a candy bowl thing...
    they looked exactly like the candy bowls that you see in dens nowadays!!!
    the candy changed each time you clicked the bowl!!!
    i know that you cant get any pics of it now, but i just thought that you might want it as a footnote or something.

  3. and yes i know i just made a comment...
    about the "more scams" page...
    someone named w00t has figured out a way to beat the system. she invites people to her den and moves around a rug asking them to try and stay on top of it. shell move it where the 1st yes button is then the 2nd and people are clicking so fast that they cant help it!!!
    im sorry if im annoying you pointing out things ive seen...

  4. @ Emily

    No you aren't annoying about this because I love getting a lot of comments! I hate how people try scamming others.....Why can't they just be content with what they have???
    And just so everyone knows, I wouldn't scam anyone! I'm not that kind of person, and I have been scammed before, so I know how it feels!

  5. Exactly!!! Why do people have to be so greedy???

  6. I know! Other rare items will come back throughout the year so people should just be patient!


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