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Friday, July 8, 2011

New things on Animal Jam!!!

    More new things have come to Animal Jam, which means more excitement! Crystal Sands was supposedly under construction, so now they have a water slide! Also, they have a water slide den. Now you can host your very own water party! The new clothing is an astronaut helmet and the bat glasses. Why do they put bat glasses back in stores when we already had them like 2 months ago?! I would hope that they would put something rare and better!
    They also put a new gem spinner up whenever you come to AJ! You just press the "Spin" button, and it will show you however many gems you earned! So if you log onto AJ every day, you will have a better chance of getting larger amounts of gems! JAM ON!!!


  1. Heya Fauna! Wolvesr1 here! Just saying hi! I like the new Crystal Sands! Oh btw, (i know this out of the question but still) i got scammed for all of my rares by this dude name pawss! Those scammers!

  2. I think you're really cool!! I love your glove, non member scull and everything! I will be a member in 3 months!! I'm a huge fan!! Your sister think can't see me on her buddy list even tho she buddied me.

  3. @ Wolvesr1

    I also love the new Crystal Sands too! And don't worry about my sister. She can be a little slowww.

  4. hi feelers i keep trying to add you im a big fan

  5. This blog is so cool!!!!! and my mom thinks im crazy now by the way!!!

    P.S feelers,ich liebe speck TEE HEE


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