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Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Corn Stalks & Webby Winners

Hey Jammers!

Finally, a new plant to put in your garden! Sadly, they're for Members only. That's a bummer, I like corn...

I don't understand why Animal Jam would make them for Members Only, because first of all, I LIKE CORN, and second, Jammers should be able to be helpful to the planet and ALSO grow corn.

Which reminds me, I drove a tractor at school today! It was fun. :D

And there's a new Epic Den of the Week, owner being Lucky Thefox! Congrats, Lucky!

Now then.

The Webby Awards are over. I hope you guys did your voting! Click here to see all 17 categories and their winners.

But in case you don't want to scroll through all of that, here are just some highlights of websites you might recognize:

tumblr won for "Best User Experience" and "Community"
Nick Jr. Playtime won for "Family/Parenting"
Angry Birds: Star Wars won for "Games"
Gamespot won for "Games-Related"
Netflix won for "Media-Streaming"
The Hunger Games Capitol Tour won for "Movie & Film"
Justin Bieber won for "Music"
Pinterest won for "Social Media"
PBS Kids won for "Youth"

I didn't see Animal Jam anywhere on there....I don't think they won for anything, which is a bummer....

Well, that's all for now, Jammers. New Mailbag letters will be posted in a while!

Jam On!


Monday, April 29, 2013

: Fox Hats

Hey Jammers!

It's Rare Item Monday in Jamaa, and today's rare is the return of a dearly-beloved item in Jamaa: the Fox Hat!

It's a bit pricey though, at 1,250 gems. The default color is orange, and it comes in all colors, as usual. Pick up your fox hat today!

The Daily Explorer will remind you of this, in case I didn't.

Unfortunately, it doesn't come in a special rare color like most of the other rare items.

I wasn't super excited at this return, but I know lots of Jammers are! I saw many when I walked into Jam Mart Clothing today.

Pick up as many as you can today!

Jam On!


Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mailbag #4: A Goodwill

This is Mailbag #4, from an anonymous Jammer with the pen name, Not a Goodwill in Jamaa: 

"Dear Feelers,

I don't really know if my problem is too much like number 2, but here it goes.

I have this buddy who I know in real life. She keeps asking for my items! Once, I gave her a bow and said: "This is the only bow I'm giving you, so don't let anyone have it." BUT THEN, not only did she get scammed BUT she tried to give it to someone else! She kept begging for another one, but I didn't let her have it. Yesterday, she was asking for my buttons. Those ones from April Fools Day Party. I just let the computer log me out. ELP ME!

~Not A Goodwill in Jamaa"

First off, you shouldn't continue giving this buddy your items. You're her buddy, not a claw machine!
What you should do is tell her that you like your own items, and if she wants items like yours, she should try trading for them from you or other Jammers. Don't give in and give all your items to her, especially if she would end up trying to give them away, or if she kept getting scammed. She should be doing her own trading for items, and not depending on you to give her the items she wants!

Mailbag #3: Rares and Friends

Hey Jammers!

This is another session of our mailbag bit, from an anonymous Jammer:

"Dear Feelers,
I've been having lots of troubles with my friends and rares. I traded my lava glove for a pink fox hat (because she was my friend) and it turns out to be my other friend's fox hat :( I told her to give me my lava glove then I would give her the fox hat back but, then I figured out she traded my lava. Should I still be her friend?"

Well, first of all, if she refuses to trade you because she just LOVES the item, then you guys need to talk. If she would never give you the item you wanted back, then she isn't being a very good buddy. A true buddy doesn't care about the items in their friendship!

If she somehow can't provide giving your item back to you, then you guys should still be friends. Since items don't matter in a friendship, then you shouldn't let an item ruin one! If she is being stubborn about not giving it back and becomes rude, then she isn't being a good buddy.

Hopefully you guys can sort things out and still be friends!

Crystal Peck Statues & Milkshake

Hey Jammers!

There's a new Crystal Alpha statue in Epic Wonders, and this time, it's Peck!

All of the Crystal Alphas sure look energetic.

And there's a reminder on the Daily Explorer about the Photo Booth Contest. Be sure to enter by Wednesday!

Also, I would like to mention that two of my phantastic buddies, Sparkykat38 and Tiggywinkle now have their own blog, Animal Jam Milkshake! Click here to visit the pawesome blog!

And when I first logged in, I randomly tried the code "Travel", and it let me log in with it. But then I didn't get any gems. I've heard from others that this constantly happens with fake codes.

Well, I'll be posting some new Mailbag answers later on!

Jam On!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mailbag #2: Good Buddies

Hey Jammers!

It's time for another mailbag question from a good buddy, vms19:

"I have several buddies. Some of them I know in real life, some of them I know through Blogging, some of them I only know through Animal Jam. Some of the Animal Jam buddies are really nice, but, however, others seem only to buddy me just because of my items. Once they buddy me, they will simply follow me around and beg for my items. One buddy I saw trying to get others to flash trade her.
What makes a buddy a good buddy?"

This is a great question, and even better advice that all Jammers should know!

Here's a list of  some main great traits in a true buddy:

  • Buddies care about each other! Buddies shouldn't want to be your buddy just because you blog or have rares. That isn't what makes a Jammer special! No matter what, your buddies should always like you for who you are!
  • Buddies will always be there for you! A true buddy will always help you when you have troubles. They shouldn't just not care go off because they're lazy and don't want to help you.
  • Buddies stay true to you! They keep promises, and don't try to trick you for scams or anything else! 
And one more thing, GOONIES NEVER SAY DIE!

Those are just some of the basics in a great buddy. Buddies will also be weird with you, and not let you do weird things alone.

If your buddy does things like scams, or only wants you as a buddy for your items, then they aren't a real buddy! This type of "buddy" would be classified as one who only buddies you to stay in touch with you for items. If they never want to hang out with you, or be weird with you, then they aren't a true buddy!

Mailbag #1: Membership Code Hacks?

Hey Jammers!

This is the first mailbag sent in by a Jammer, who will remain anonymous.

"A Jammer I know was hacked of her account and dashboard after someone gave her a membership code. Will I get hacked too? Because someone offered me a membership code, and I don't know what to do!"

Okay, first of all, this is a well-known scam. A Jammer will offer a fake membership code for some of your rares.
The reason why she was hacked was because the Jammer probably asked for her account info in order for her "membership" to work, so he or she was able to get into her account and scam her.

Don't trust a Jammer who offers membership codes in order to "make your membership work". They only take the account's information and use it as your own, and steal your items. 

This is also a well-known scam because Jammers love memberships, mostly because of the animals that are offered in them when purchased. Memberships can be a fun thing to have, but if it's a fake code and the Jammer wants your account for it, then it isn't worth it at all!

Underwater Top Hat

Hey Jammers!

Today's item is located in the underwater stores of Bahari Bargains, and it's an underwater version of the Fancy Top Hat!

This seems like a great clothing item for underwater animals. It just seems to add a little more pizazz.

The Daily Explorer also informed all Jammers on elephants, rhinos, and giraffes traveling for a while on May 23rd. 

Pick up an elephant, rhino, or giraffe before May 23rd!

I've also decide on the remake of the Mailbag session. Any Jammer can email me (animaljamguides@gmail.com) and ask me a question, instead of having to ask in a comment. Then, I would make a post on the question and answer it.

Sound gooood?

Jam On!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Jam Session's Misunderstanding

In the new party, Jam Session, Jammers can rock out and create music with their buddies!

When I first visited the party, Jammers were dancing everywhere, and some were on the stage playing their instruments. But then I saw a Jammer say this:

What this Arctic Wolf meant to say was "I'm drunk". The reason why they had to say that was because Animal Jam probably wouldn't allow you to say "drunk".

Then some random Jammer said that!It's almost like it's a battle between the virtual worlds and which one is better. I don't think Jammers should battle with Penguins on deciding which website is better. It's just not right.

This concert is meant to be a great way to play music and have fun with your buddies, not act like an 18-year old and pretend to drink and be a poophead. Why can't Jammers just have fun and NOT think about drinking and bullying?

This is so frustrating!

Crystal Sir Gilbert Statue

Hey Jammers!

We haven't gotten a new plant for our special vegetable gardens like yesterday, but there is a new Crystal Shaman Alpha Statue, and it's Sir Gilbert!

Is that an animal stone under his paw?

On the Daily Explorer, there's a new post on the brand new party, Jam Session.

I also have to post on some bad things I've been seeing going on in the Jam Session party later on....

And, since it's a random Friday, here's a picture of an origami-ish thing I've been working on...

This isn't my picture.

Click the picture for a tutorial on how to make your own! :)

Jam On!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Jam Session, Garden Plots, and More Discoveries!

Hey Jammers!

There have been lots of new discoveries made in Jamaa, mainly the Jam Session party!

This is what it looks like.

They also sell instruments so you can Jam along!

 Unfortunately, the only Non-Member instrument is currently the Clarinet. I really do play the Clarinet! :)

But I'm already seeing Jammers who think this is more than just a Jamming concert...... I'll post about this when I can.

Also, all Jammers can purchase their own Garden Plot in Jam Mart Furniture, and grow Tomatoes! 

I think this is a great inspiration to grow your own garden of vegetables! Yum!

And sadly, Rhinos, Giraffes, and Elephants are leaving Jamaa on May 23rd for migration and exploration. Pick your animal up today!

Remember the Summer Carnival? Of course you do! It will be returning in a few updates, so you can enjoy all of the fun and prizes once again! It didn't seem too long ago when it first came out....

And there's a contest for pictures from the Photo Booth. Dress up, take your best picture, and send it to Animal Jam Headquarters!

Enter by May 1st!

And on the Daily Explorer, there's another winning News Crew article for the Going Green topic!

Congratulations, Snickety Cutepaw! 

Sorry for making this a short update post, but I have homework!

Remember to get outside and step into the sun!


Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Multiple News Crew Winners

Hey Jammers!

It's a beautiful day in Jamaa, especially to play Four Square, available in Jam Mart Furniture!

I used to love this game a whole lot in P.E. when I was in grade school. :)

Now, on the Daily Explorer, there's some new Jammer Art:

But what I really wanted to mention was that Animal Jam HQ love the Going Green posts, so they're choosing multiple winners this week!

This is the second winner. The article is written by Infinity Magichero! Congrats Infinity!

And on another note, I have switched the moderation of comments yet again, because I don't have time to moderate comments, and I even get impatient with waiting for comments I post on a blog to be moderated.

Jam On!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Recycling Can

Hey Jammers!

It's another b-e-a-uuuutiful day here in Oregon, nice and warm, and supposed to be hot tomorrow!

It's also a beautiful day in Jamaa for frolicking with your buddies or picking berries in Sarepia Forest.

The shamans alphas have released Recycling Cans in Jam Mart Furniture, encouraging Jammers to recycle unwanted or unused paper!

These are nice things to have around your den, although we don't really have any paper to recycle....

On the Daily Explorer, the News Crew article for Going Green has been posted!

Click the picture to read the full article.

There's also a new Epic Den of The Week. The owner is Doctor Icypaw!

That's about it going on in Jamaa. The new discoveries will be coming out on Thursday, and hopefully that's the day that the new land will be available for exploration!

Jam On!

Monday, April 22, 2013

and Happy Earth Day!

Hey Jammers!

It's Earth Day here in Jamaa, and I'll tell you, it's a beautiful day for the earth!

First of all, it's also Rare Item Monday. The rare item is located in Mt. Shiveer's clothing store, and it's the Rare Winter Blanket!

I think these colors are pretty. The inside color (not the purple) reminds me of a Yorbel from Tak and the Power of Juju.

Anyway, the Daily Explorer has a post about this too:

And, since it's Earth Day, there's another new craft on the Daily Explorer. Today, it's a DIY Newspaper Holder! (DIY, in case you didn't know, stands for do-it-yourself)

I used to do this! It's also useful as a recycling box!

What will you do this Earth Day? I don't have much to do, but I'm going to make a bracelet out of Starburst wrappers. :D

Jam On!


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earth Day Banner

Hey Jammers!

Tomorrow is Earth Day, the day we celebrate to make the Earth a healthy place for humans!

Animal Jam is celebrating today by selling Earth Day banners in Jam Mart Furniture, and to all Jammers, Members and Non-Members!

Are you Jammers going to do anything special for Earth Day? I have school, but I'll be outside learning how to drive a tractor for my Ag class. ^.^

On the Daily Explorer, there's another new craft that you can do by reusing egg shells to plants seeds!

I also put this craft up in the "Fun Stuff" section.

In other news, I've been thinking about the blog's design. I know, it's not as important as the posts, because that's what really matters. The reason why I made the background black is because it saves energy on your computer. But then again, the blog always seems dark and gloomy. Should I change the template and/or color? 
I was thinking of trying out the new template, Dynamic Views. It seems to be more orderly and stuff, but it doesn't have a choice of having a header picture.

What do you guys think?

Jam On!


Saturday, April 20, 2013

Greely Art Contest Entries

Hey Jammers!

For the Greely art contest, there were only 2 contestants, but that's okay!

 This one is by papad91278!

Untitled 541.jpg

This one is by Jabberwacky!

WHOOOOOOOOOOAA why does it look like that? This computer is ridiculous. It was a great picture when I received it, but the COMPUTER IS RIDICULOUS. So I'm going to give it to Jabberwacky anyway.
I'm deciding to give both of them one of the prizes.

You guys can decide which ones you want! :)

They're both great entries!

Here are the two prizes:

Jam On!


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