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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Rarity vs. Popularity

Throughout Jamaa, many Jammers are trading rares for rares, or being scammed, or scamming. Why do they want these rares so badly? What makes them so special?

For one reason, they're fun to have, to most Jammers. You can wear them, and other Jammers usually like them and compliment you, or ask to trade it for one of their items.
Another reason, they're rare. An item that once belonged to the beta days, and are now one of the most "valuable" items in Jamaa. It's just an item. So why does it make us Jammers so happy to have them?
Like I said, they're fun to have and to "show off".

Other items are rare, but not as rare as the super rare betas. But the reason why they're very "rare" to some Jammers is because lots of Jammers love them.

For example, the Rare Spiked Collar. They aren't as rare as, say, a Skully. But LOTS of Jammers love them. They first came out in July of 2011 as a monthly member gift. Which, right now, may seem very rare, because that's only about a year after Animal Jam was first launched. Spiked Collars look really nice, and they're commonly bounced around Jamaa to trade for super rare items.

But what about Headdresses?

They kept coming back, and Jammers are still trading them around Jamaa for rares. These are a very common but rare item going around in Jamaa.

Let's put them together.

 Rare Spiked Collars are, well, rare, and "popular".
Headdresses are somewhat rare, but are about as popular as a Rare Spiked Collar.

Why is this?

I have no straightforward answer.

But I can conclude this:

Being rare and being popular are the same thing, figuratively.


  1. Why does everybody want to be "popularz" so badly that they would lie? It's kind of sad...

    1. That's just what happens.....their greed of being popular takes over their conscious of telling them what's right and wrong.

    2. I just feel so annoyed when I see a jammer with all these crazy clothes and begging for a particular rare, it's happened to me once, someone was offering something stupid for my rare, but then they got sad and I decided it was silly just to cling onto these 'Oh so rare' items, I don't need to be popular, I just enjoy animal Jam but only go on it an hour per day.

    3. i only get rares to give them away O3O (i wuv that face)

  2. .. people just bug about items to much. they wanna be the coolest jammer in all of animal jam... and bullies think they can stand otu and be cool when they bully. this stuff has gone to far! btw feelers i LUV your blog and backround music!
    p.s. to Feelers: ich liebe speck!!!

    1. Thanks so much! I love support! It makes me feel like I'm actually getting somewhere. :)

  3. Beautifully said.

    ~papad91278, the 4th news crew member, mi casa en tu casa

  4. Doesn't that mean "my house is in your house"?


    1. Yea, I was lazy. I probably should have said something in Pig Latin :P

      PAPAD91278, The 4th News Crew Member, Itterglay Inay Ethay Raiay

      (that's pig Latin for ya!)

  5. i hate that too i mean of course i have rares but i wear them on certain animals and with other certain items - and honestly there my favorite color too- they just come up to me and send me jam asking what for it i say its not for trade and they just freak out saying that its for a friend/sibling who is going to beat them up if they don't get one for them or they threaten to report me or ( yes i realize im saying 'or' too much)they start begging over and over and over(continue till the limit is sent then they do this in public and some eventually call me a scammer)its very annoying it drives me nuts!

    thanks to those who gave there time to read about me rambling on and on about this.


  6. I was watching a youtube video the other day, and it said that since member gloves came as the first monthly member gift ever, that spikes and member gloves were equivilant. Appearently, short spike wrists = Dragon gloves, Long spike wrists = lava gloves, short spike collars = mummy gloves, and legendary gloves = long spike collars. This is unconfirmed, but log story short, it's a great mystery to be discovered of what's fair and what isn't.

  7. Try http://freegamememberships.com/animal-jam-codes/ if you want a free AJ membership!



  9. my accounts are mostly ONLY rarity DX
    ~Friarbibble and puleaze
    i have a shared u-tube (PaulKiddos) but i've NEVER posted

  10. P.S. Ich liebe Speck. puleaze+Friarbibble

  11. IT'S JUST A GAME. All it is is a series of code strung together to make a game. The items aren't real now, and never will be.

    P.S. To Feelers: Ich liebe Speck

  12. Popularity and rarity are in the same boat. I mean, if you have Rare items, you might get popular. I mean, it's a big dream for me to own the one and only Orange Beard but they are just pixels. They used to be beta items, now they are cleared out of the shops and the only time Rares appear is on a Monday people often go bonkers on Rare Item Monday for the Rare item, but then, the item often becomes less Rare and so people get annoyed.

  13. I'm so sorry I never realized.. I only want a spike becuse they look nice Ich liebe speck

  14. Hi

    P.S. Ich liebe Speck.


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