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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mailbag #4: A Goodwill

This is Mailbag #4, from an anonymous Jammer with the pen name, Not a Goodwill in Jamaa: 

"Dear Feelers,

I don't really know if my problem is too much like number 2, but here it goes.

I have this buddy who I know in real life. She keeps asking for my items! Once, I gave her a bow and said: "This is the only bow I'm giving you, so don't let anyone have it." BUT THEN, not only did she get scammed BUT she tried to give it to someone else! She kept begging for another one, but I didn't let her have it. Yesterday, she was asking for my buttons. Those ones from April Fools Day Party. I just let the computer log me out. ELP ME!

~Not A Goodwill in Jamaa"

First off, you shouldn't continue giving this buddy your items. You're her buddy, not a claw machine!
What you should do is tell her that you like your own items, and if she wants items like yours, she should try trading for them from you or other Jammers. Don't give in and give all your items to her, especially if she would end up trying to give them away, or if she kept getting scammed. She should be doing her own trading for items, and not depending on you to give her the items she wants!


  1. That must be very frustrating, it can get annoying when someone begs constantly for items.
    This post was very helpful. :)

    1. Thanks! I'm glad they're helpful for Jammers! :)

    2. it IS very frustating!

  2. I also have a problem. You might think it's stupid, but here goes nothing:
    Whenever i get some kind of rareitem and people see me with them, they keep on asking me for it. One time, someone actually tried to scam my spiked collar. I eventually gave thet spiked collar up for freedom wings and an ice throne. I still have both, but people keep asking me for my white fox hat and freedom wings. It's really annoying! How can I stop this?
    -Annoyed about being asked for rares all the time


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