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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mailbag #3: Rares and Friends

Hey Jammers!

This is another session of our mailbag bit, from an anonymous Jammer:

"Dear Feelers,
I've been having lots of troubles with my friends and rares. I traded my lava glove for a pink fox hat (because she was my friend) and it turns out to be my other friend's fox hat :( I told her to give me my lava glove then I would give her the fox hat back but, then I figured out she traded my lava. Should I still be her friend?"

Well, first of all, if she refuses to trade you because she just LOVES the item, then you guys need to talk. If she would never give you the item you wanted back, then she isn't being a very good buddy. A true buddy doesn't care about the items in their friendship!

If she somehow can't provide giving your item back to you, then you guys should still be friends. Since items don't matter in a friendship, then you shouldn't let an item ruin one! If she is being stubborn about not giving it back and becomes rude, then she isn't being a good buddy.

Hopefully you guys can sort things out and still be friends!

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