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Daily Updates

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Items!

Hi, Jammers!
So, it's the day before Halloween, and personally, I'm pretty excited.
But, that's not important. I'm here to tell you about some new items that recently arrived in Jamaa.
First up, in Jam Mart Clothing, we have the return of the Scary Antlers!
I missed this item, so I'm glad it's back! Now I can be a terrifying gazelle!

Also, in Sunken Treasures, you can get a Phantom Cannon!
Now you can launch these annoying creatures underwater!
Also, I'd like to wish good luck to those caught in the path of Superstorm Sandy.
Yes, Sandy has been downgraded from a hurricane to a superstorm.
Have a safe Halloween, Jammers! Jam on!


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