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Daily Updates

Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


Hey jammers! I didn't post yesterday, because I had to go to a church group! Starting now, I will most likely not post, but I could, on Wednesdays. Just a heads up! Also, I got braces today! Yay! They're glow in the dark blue & white ^^
Now, back on topic! The new items from yesterday..

The witch hat is back! (I think?)
Also, a strange Wed- *er'hem * ..Thursday mystery, why is this year's halo a land accessory? Wasn't last year's underwater? Strange!

And, in Sunken Treasures-
Phantom lights! How cute!

And a post by AJHQ, I think I am having deja vu, but have they already posted about the SEALS?

And now! Today's items!
Woah! Scary Pumpkin mask is back! Found in the cocoa hut!

Also including a wonderous rare return, the scary balloons! I love these!!

A picture brought to you by Snowyclaw, he/she said they float a little high.. I have to say, I do agree.

And WOW some more and some more arctic wolves are being spotted! How cool?

After emailing AJHQ about the arctic wolves, I got this back, hm, no info?

Turns out Snowyclaw contacted them too, and he/she got the same exact (I think) message! Weird-ER
Aaaaannddd TODAY's post by AJHQ consists of the new bats from last year- they returned!

That's all the time I have for today, see you around Jamaa jammers! Bye!


  1. the arctic wolfs come out on a giftcard being sold at walmart

  2. i think feelers\ kicked u out of the blog....? not sure... all i know is:
    1 u havent posted really anything anymore
    2 i saw something in the comments
    3 u might quit is what you said on your aj blog. DONT QUITTTTTTTTTTT

  3. I want glow in the dark braces... :)


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