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Monday, October 15, 2012

LiitleMighty Secrets

If you haven't already heard about LiitleMighty, she is an unknown, believed to be a normal jammer, has a different animal than the rest of us! The card is believed to be found at Walmart.

She is an Artic Wolf animal, soon to be released in AJ, hopefully by the end of Feburary 2013, or even sooner! Stay tuned for more information on this mysterious animal tester. Here is a video showing some actions she can do!
AJHQ testers will have green speech bubbles, but this seems to be a glitch? If not, she really is a normal jammer!
Maybe it is only availible for cards, hmm what do you guys think?


  1. 2 things: How did she get it? and, second, shoild i get a club penguin account? im on da site!

    1. She got it supposivly from Wal-Mart. Also, I recommend no, Club Penguin can make your computer really laggy, the system it's on can also put cookies and bugs into your computer, so be careful..

  2. is she beta? is she AJHQ? if so, is she an adult? O.O

    1. No, she is a normal jammer like us! The card is rumored to be found at the Wal-Mart only.

  3. I tried to buddy her... The arctic wolf's nose looks wired. Anyways, how did you found out about little mighty??

  4. Someone else has an artic wolf people i just forgot the user and im still mad D:<

  5. oh ok. i goty the account tho. and i did it on a laptop,m so dont worry

  6. Wow that is so cool! What are the swirly stuff on it's nose? Lol

  7. peeps! LittleMighty HACKED animal jam for it..... she couldn't have lost it in like les then a month if it lasted THREE months...im sorry if i sound mean though... just gawsh... she is NOT an animal tester.....

  8. Arctic wolfs can be really MEAN! The last time i met one she was like OMG GET OUT OF MY WAY DONT TALK TO ME she was so stuck up! Well some arctic wolfs can be nice.

  9. It's not the arctic wolf, its the person. Im an arctic wolf but i don't really think im mean! :D idk tho but yeah once i met this nm seal who was so prissy! they tried to kick me out of my own den at my den party!


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