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Friday, October 12, 2012

All Hallows Eve!

Even closer! Ever see some new.. bodily changes to Mira..? Oh! She isn't there! Phantoms have taken over! Here are some new spooky items!

Aren't some of the colors different than last year? They are! The old ones now have a rare plaque on them.

Here are the new ones!

That's so cool! I think AJHQ is making rare trading a little more interesting, don't you agree?
Now, onto Sky High prizes! Here are some prizes you can get!

Wow! Be sure to keep these! They look hard to get!
Also, a new post by AJHQ!

Will this winner be non member as well? What do you Jammers think?


  1. NO OFFENSE BUT THE MUSIC REALLY CREEPS ME OUT AND WHEN I WENT ON THIS BLOG TO CHECK IT... sorry caps, anyways when i went on this blog to check to see the news about it (i had the speakers really loud) the music popped up and had a minnie heart attack. I'm not saying to take the music out im just thinking out loud-ish. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH DX

  2. It could be me as the winner I hope

    1. Keep writing those entries! I am excited to see who wins!

  3. WHAT THE?! when i played sky high 3 times and won all those times here is what i got:
    1) Round glasses.
    2) Normal star cape that you can buy at this very moment.
    3) Necklace. Normal necklace.
    What is up with that??? Can you help me?
    P.S. to Feelers: lch HATE Speck. I really do. ^.^

    1. Keep on trying! Maybe you will get it next time!

  4. If it is bothering you, I could contact Feelers about it, in the meantime, keep on Jamming!

    1. hey zebra, i was JUST thinking, maybe the sky high music in the music shop was a sign that this rare in sky high thing was coming!

      papad91278's the glitch queen and news crew member

  5. I want witch hat!!!!!!!!! Hi! :) I'm 2madpies5 on Aj

    1. Maybe if you're lucky, you will make a good trade!

  6. I also got a Turkey Hat from Sky High! I've heard you can also get Mech Angel Helmets! Cool! :D

  7. I love the music and blog can't wait for halloween!!!!! :):)


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