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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

More Halloween Items!

Night of the Phantoms is approaching slowly, but in contrast, the return of Halloween items is coming up fast!

Remember the Creature Mask? It was sold last year, along with many other masks.

And to spice up your den, there's two types of Jack-O-Lanterns that have returned:

Plus, lots of Jammers love the Haunted House den, and now, your pets can enjoy it too!

And remember, if you become a member this month, you can have your very own pet Tarantula!

Jam On!


  1. I'm so glad about all these pumpkins! Soon I might go trick or treating through Jamaa for fun:)

    1. I do that too! Except I go the update before halloween in my costume that will be whichever IM going as that year.

      THIS YEAR: Miss Piggy of The Muppets

      papad91278's the gltich queen and news crew member :D

    2. I don't know what I'll be. :? (:?=thinky face) maybe ill get a creature mask because its green :) but In real life I still don't know what I'll be yet :?

  2. hmm just saying i hope they bring scary bat wings back also called nm wings.. if they do that would be cool and i wonder gow fast some could type when they coffee hmm i wonder im going to talk about random stuff in this so you can stop reading now if you want ok i wonder how long it takes for an update to really happen i wonder how many buddies you really have that know their rare ar are rare i think this is getting a bit long maybe a should stop... well i will and sorry i like to type when i have a bunch of homework dont ask me why :/.....

  3. Hey Feelers! Just a quick question, how did you get the blue bar up there? And the words that move across the screen? That's so cool!


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