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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Summer Carnival Tip: Carnival Darts

The Summer Carnival is finally here for a few months, which means that we can finally play those games we have been waiting for!

Last year, I made tips on Phantom ball. Click here for the link.

Here are some tips on my favorite game in the carnival, Carnival Darts!

When you want to hit a golden phantom at the top, position the crossbow right next to where the "PHANTOM" sign ends, either to the right or to the left. It doesn't matter which side.
 Then, wait until the balloons cross in their opposite directions and position themselves like they are in the picture above. When the open spot comes in the middle of the balloons, like shown, then shoot!
This gets very easy once you get the pattern going in your mind.

When you want to hit a specific balloon, like the darts or a letter balloon, then move the crossbow to a spot where the balloon has not yet gotten to. When an open spot comes between both rows of balloons, then shoot! 

This might seem very difficult to understand when you read it, but when you start shooting the darts, you'll get the vibe.

Don't forget to shoot the pesky phantoms that try to eat your darts!

Click here to go to the high score page and see my high score for this game!

Have any games you want me to post tips about? Email me!


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