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Daily Updates

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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post Request 2

Pteri4u has submitted a post request.

Ever wanted some tips on how to decorate your den? Here are some to get you started!

  • If you want to design your den for a Holiday, make sure you have all of your decorations and furniture for the specific holiday.
  • Use decorative wall decorations and jazz your den up with a "snack table", almost like you're having a party.
  • Imagine having a real party at your house. How would you decorate it then? Use that to decorate your den.
  • Line the path of your den up with decorations. (Examples: Halloween balloons, scary trees, or phantom statues)
  • Pick out good music to go along with the holiday or occasion.
  • Invite friends and have a good time!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Would You Rather....

 This week, I will not have enough time for blogging like updated the JOTW or anything else, due to a Science Unit Test, Algebra, and homework. So I will put up one of those Would you rather games for the week. If I have enough time to do a little bit of blogging, I'll update some more things. 
(These questions are AJ related) *= random

Comment your answers by number!

Would you rather.....

  1. Have 1 million gems or have one of every rare known to Animal Jam?
  2. *Be in jail with lions or lick peanut butter off of a hobo's foot?
  3. Be a member without being able to have buddies and pets or be a non member with unlimited gems?
  4. *Be a millionaire for 5 years or be poor and live forever?
  5. Meet Fuzzy Shyivy (VivaCandy, the most popular blogger) or be buddies with an Animal Jam guide?
  6. Have only 1 animal (a lion) or be a pet the whole time?

Friday, October 28, 2011

Facts (Part ||)

 Ok so for something really cool, I will tell you about how humans smell things. (A weird thing is that when I learn about the human body, I giggle because I learn about how the body works and stuff) *These facts are from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only. These are not my facts.

  "Scientists say that the air is filled with "odor molecules", and they enter your nasal cavity (The inside space in your nose). Smells have 7 different categories: Resinous like mothballs [if you smell this you would be all EWWWWW of how bad it smells], foul like rotten eggs, minty like peppermint, floral like roses, ethereal like pears, musky like-well-musk, and acrid like vinegar.
 Smells were considered a good thing, but also a bad thing because inhaling bad smells was known to cause disease.
 When we smell something, our limbic system causes your mind to bring back a memory or emotion [see I'm laughing now because I'm learning]
  • Women have a keener sense of smell than men [GO WOMEN]
  • Each person has a unique odor, like every person has unique fingerprints.
  • We smell things better if we take several short sniffs rather than a long one [Yeah now your probably trying it right?]
  • Many smells are heavier than air and can only be smelled at ground level.
  • Smells stimulate learning."

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Halloween Update!

 The new items have finally arrived!

First of all there is a new animal, the sea turtle!

(Jamaa Clothing) Note: All Halloween items are now on Clearance.
 The new mask is one that probably has never come in stores, the Medusa Mask!
In the Flag Shop:

   A Peace flag and 5 new flags!

In the Museum Shop:
A Rhino Topiary!

In the Chamber of Knowledge:
  The Skull Tombstone!

In the Den Store:

Giant Phantoms and a phantom rug!
Also, there is Den Music you can buy now:

The Big Update:

There is a new ocean called Kani Cove.

 There is a new page in the Journey Book for this ocean too. The secrets will be updated as soon as I find the secrets.

 Here are the store items for Kani Cove:

Bahari Bargains:

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Animal Jam Guide!

 Well an Animal Jam Guide decided to visit today:

This Guide is GuideRabbit, but if you search their names, they won't come up.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cool Facts Around Jamaa (P.R.)/Update on Membership Cards!

 Spino11 has submitted a post request:

Anytime I get the chance to, I will be posting some facts that also appear around Jamaa!
(Oh and I added a few from my brain) The ones in " " are from AJ.

  •  Zebra's stripes are unique (like human fingerprints) no 2 zebras are alike.
  • "Reaching up to 70 miles an hour, cheetahs are the world's fastest land mammal!"
  •  "Giraffes are about 6 feet tall when they are born!"
  • Giraffes tongues are so long, they can clean their ears with them. (From Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only)
  • Whales dream.
  • Fish cough.
  • "Lions are the only cats that live in groups. These groups are called 'prides'!"
 The AJ Gift cards are out, but I won't post about it, because I don't want to copy Mayksufi. Click here to learn more about the gifts from the gift cards! 

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Again, Another New Code!

 This code is only worth 100 gems, but it's


Have fun with your new 100 gems.

Oh wait there's another new code too.


It gives you 500 gems.  

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ocean Secrets Revealed!

Everyone around looking for the secret animals and plants to the oceans, here they are!

First Hint: Everyone's computer is different. If someone says, "Look the whale is right here!" and another person says, "You're a liar I don't see it!" Then they aren't a liar. They may see it, but you may not. Try exiting to a different ocean and coming back. If it still isn't there, do it until it is there.

Second Hint: Everyone is asking me when a certain ocean animal comes out. There isn't a certain time, but if it doesn't seem to be coming out, then maybe you're looking in the wrong spot, or you could try coming back a bunch of times, or logging off, and then logging back on.

Let's start of with Bahari Bay:
 The Seaweed is at the top left hand corner of Bahari Bay.

Here is the Seastar, Barrel Sponge, Giant Clam, Sea Cucumber, and Oyster.

 Here is the Elephant Seal:

 Here is the Jellyfish:
The scallop is right below me; I forgot to put it up there.

And lastly, here is the Barracuda:
They travel in groups of
This is where the eel will come.

Now let's look at Crystal Reef.

Here is the Stingray:
It swims by the entrance to Deep Blue.

Here is the Acorn Barnacle:
It's pretty small, but is always there.

Here is the Lobster:
It appears right above the blocked seahorse door.

This is the Feather Duster Worm:
It is always right below the seahorse door.

This is the Staghorn Coral:
Right next to the entrance to Bahari Bay.

Here is the cute little pufferfish:
It's that green spotted fish I forgot to circle it.

This is the Whale's spot:
It comes in between the rocks above the entrance to Deep Blue.

Here are the tube sponges:
If it doesn't work, click different tube sponges that looks like this one.

This is the Braincoral:
It's pretty obvious where the brain coral is.

The Flounder is a little tough, because it's camouflaged:
You have to have a sharp eye for this one; it's directly below the Crystal Sands sign, lying on a rock.

Here is the Clownfish, a.k.a. Nemo:
This one is almost always here. Below the surface.

And lastly, the Marlin (Swordfish):
  It goes a little bit fast, but if you miss it, don't worry, because it will turn around and come back.

Now let's go to Deep Blue.

 Here is the Hatchetfish: 
Below the bridge-ish part below the entrance to Crystal Reef.

Now the Oarfish:
This one is also pretty obvious; right above the secret entrance with the light.

This is the Gulper Eel:
Yes, I faked this picture, but this is where the Gulper Eel is located.

This is the Viperfish:
It comes to the left of the weird plants; I only got its backside.

Next, the Fangtooth:
It comes to the left of the lava pit.

Next, the Giant Squid (I faked this one too, but it's where it goes):

Here is the Coelacanth:
It comes in the upper left hand corner of Deep Blue.

And the Anglerfish (I love this one):
It comes beneath where the Hatchetfish comes by.

The Frogfish:
This fish is right next to the entrance to Crystal Reef.

And lastly, the Giant Isopod:
This one is a little bit camouflaged too. It comes out next to the giant standing up rock in the center part of Deep Blue.

 Now let's move on to Kani Cove:
 First off is the Cuttlefish-

It's a little bit camouflaged, and is near the entrance to Deep Blue.
 The Manatee:
 This one comes in the upper left hand corner of Kani Cove.

Next, the Conch:
 Also, by the entrance to Deep Blue.

Here is the Parrot Fish:
 It comes in the little red plant things and also next to the pirate ship.

  The Sea Snake:
 It is almost always in the barrel by the Ship Shop.

Here is the Cormorant:
 You can tell when it's coming by the school of fish that swims by. The Cormorant will swim down to eat the fish.

Here is the Hammerhead Shark (A great one, you can probably guess why):
 This is also located where the Manatee is.

Here is the Nautilus:
 It swims by the Ship Shop.

 This is the Shrimp:
  By the entrance to Deep Blue.

Lastly, the Sea Urchin:

    Congratulations! You've just found all 43 animals + plants!
Here are the prizes for each of the oceans:
Bahari Bay:

Crystal Reef:
 It comes small, but when you click it, it puffs up!

Deep Blue:

Kani Cove:
  Press the boats, and they start fighting!


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