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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ocean Secrets Revealed!

Everyone around looking for the secret animals and plants to the oceans, here they are!

First Hint: Everyone's computer is different. If someone says, "Look the whale is right here!" and another person says, "You're a liar I don't see it!" Then they aren't a liar. They may see it, but you may not. Try exiting to a different ocean and coming back. If it still isn't there, do it until it is there.

Second Hint: Everyone is asking me when a certain ocean animal comes out. There isn't a certain time, but if it doesn't seem to be coming out, then maybe you're looking in the wrong spot, or you could try coming back a bunch of times, or logging off, and then logging back on.

Let's start of with Bahari Bay:
 The Seaweed is at the top left hand corner of Bahari Bay.

Here is the Seastar, Barrel Sponge, Giant Clam, Sea Cucumber, and Oyster.

 Here is the Elephant Seal:

 Here is the Jellyfish:
The scallop is right below me; I forgot to put it up there.

And lastly, here is the Barracuda:
They travel in groups of
This is where the eel will come.

Now let's look at Crystal Reef.

Here is the Stingray:
It swims by the entrance to Deep Blue.

Here is the Acorn Barnacle:
It's pretty small, but is always there.

Here is the Lobster:
It appears right above the blocked seahorse door.

This is the Feather Duster Worm:
It is always right below the seahorse door.

This is the Staghorn Coral:
Right next to the entrance to Bahari Bay.

Here is the cute little pufferfish:
It's that green spotted fish I forgot to circle it.

This is the Whale's spot:
It comes in between the rocks above the entrance to Deep Blue.

Here are the tube sponges:
If it doesn't work, click different tube sponges that looks like this one.

This is the Braincoral:
It's pretty obvious where the brain coral is.

The Flounder is a little tough, because it's camouflaged:
You have to have a sharp eye for this one; it's directly below the Crystal Sands sign, lying on a rock.

Here is the Clownfish, a.k.a. Nemo:
This one is almost always here. Below the surface.

And lastly, the Marlin (Swordfish):
  It goes a little bit fast, but if you miss it, don't worry, because it will turn around and come back.

Now let's go to Deep Blue.

 Here is the Hatchetfish: 
Below the bridge-ish part below the entrance to Crystal Reef.

Now the Oarfish:
This one is also pretty obvious; right above the secret entrance with the light.

This is the Gulper Eel:
Yes, I faked this picture, but this is where the Gulper Eel is located.

This is the Viperfish:
It comes to the left of the weird plants; I only got its backside.

Next, the Fangtooth:
It comes to the left of the lava pit.

Next, the Giant Squid (I faked this one too, but it's where it goes):

Here is the Coelacanth:
It comes in the upper left hand corner of Deep Blue.

And the Anglerfish (I love this one):
It comes beneath where the Hatchetfish comes by.

The Frogfish:
This fish is right next to the entrance to Crystal Reef.

And lastly, the Giant Isopod:
This one is a little bit camouflaged too. It comes out next to the giant standing up rock in the center part of Deep Blue.

 Now let's move on to Kani Cove:
 First off is the Cuttlefish-

It's a little bit camouflaged, and is near the entrance to Deep Blue.
 The Manatee:
 This one comes in the upper left hand corner of Kani Cove.

Next, the Conch:
 Also, by the entrance to Deep Blue.

Here is the Parrot Fish:
 It comes in the little red plant things and also next to the pirate ship.

  The Sea Snake:
 It is almost always in the barrel by the Ship Shop.

Here is the Cormorant:
 You can tell when it's coming by the school of fish that swims by. The Cormorant will swim down to eat the fish.

Here is the Hammerhead Shark (A great one, you can probably guess why):
 This is also located where the Manatee is.

Here is the Nautilus:
 It swims by the Ship Shop.

 This is the Shrimp:
  By the entrance to Deep Blue.

Lastly, the Sea Urchin:

    Congratulations! You've just found all 43 animals + plants!
Here are the prizes for each of the oceans:
Bahari Bay:

Crystal Reef:
 It comes small, but when you click it, it puffs up!

Deep Blue:

Kani Cove:
  Press the boats, and they start fighting!


  1. OMG! Thank you! I couldn't find ANYTHING! Yay :D

  2. You forgot about the scallop in Bahari Bay. I can't get mad at you though, because a person can't remember everything.

  3. ☺Squishy My Pet Phantom Waz Here ☺October 16, 2011 at 1:26 PM

    Wow thanks! I needed one more thing is Deep Blue and this helped me find it! Thanks Feelers! Also earlier today I saw people picking on a seal becuase she saw the whale and they didn't, I think it's awful! Jam on!



  5. :l

    Yeah... Um, anyway, how did you put circles around the animals Feelers?

  6. Thank you so much but sometimes i sit there for a hour and NONE of them come out what do i do

  7. Feelers: I have actual pics of the giant squid, the front of the viperfish, and the gulper eel. But it may be a while before I can send them. Also, you mixed up the barracuda with the manatee.

  8. Oh and for the nemo, just click on the green anemone a few times and he should come out!

  9. AND (sorry, I forgot to put this in my other comments) you forgot the eel in Bahari!

  10. Not to correct you or anything... But the 'manatee' wasn't actually a manatee but I think it was a mackerel or something... Just a typo, I just wanted to help you fix it :)

  11. The manatee is actually the elephant seal. Barracuda are the long sharklike fish that swim near where the elephant seal goes.

  12. Hey Sof in the Bahari Bay eel picture, is the brown thing the eel?

  13. yay i got the bahari bay prize

  14. thanks for the cheats


  16. OMG!! How do you get an AJ blog?

  17. how do u get a blog?????? thnx! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  18. Can you tell us where he animals and plants are in Kani Cove?

  19. i am a stegosauras

  20. I have a question, I know that certain animals come out only at certain times of day. What time does the elephant seal come out? Great site, thanks for showing me the shrimp

  21. Thanks Feelers! Also, I was hoping you could watch this video


  22. Prince BraveSpiritNovember 5, 2011 at 8:13 AM

    AWESOME!!!now I got all Animals and Plants in the Journal book!!:D :)

  23. Great site, thanks to you i completed bahari and kani. now to conquer deep blue and crystal reef...

  24. what time does the clownfish come out

  25. when can you see the elephant seal?

  26. Some things don't always come

  27. Hey i could not find the Barracuda,It did not come out......Can you please help me?

  28. hello i have not seen the clown fish in a LONG time. i cannot finish it. do you know if there is a reason it is not there?

    thanks, Kennedy13123

  29. @ Kennedy13123

    Maybe you should try leaving and coming back a bunch of times. If that doesn't work, then you could refresh the page and log back in to Animal Jam.

  30. Feelers, please reply, how do you make a blog? I have been trying, and it says, "for your own safety, this has been cancled." I want to make an AJ blog so bad! It will be called, "Eternal Sprirtpaw's animal jam newz flash the best newz about clans,codes and cheats!

  31. The lobster is way cute, isnt it!

  32. Just wondering at when does the Nautilus come out?
    I've been coming back and forth and waiting for ages but it never comes -.- Please help!

  33. Oh my gosh!!! In the Jellyfish picture I was Magical Icyclaws! I didn't know this blog @ this time.

  34. I can't get a lot of aniamls to come out like the sting ray in crystal reef.

  35. Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it! I was so desperate, so I decided to search where to find this particular animal, so I was typing on Google: Where to find nautilus in Animal Jam?, and I found this website it had EVERYTHING! Thanks so much, you're so awesome! Lol!

  36. I couldn't Find Anything In The deep Blue <3
    I Just Finished The Journey book And i owe It All To this site!!
    much love

  37. I'm glad this helped so many Jammers! Thanks for thanking me guys! You guys really support me and help me keep up with the blog!

    Thank you!

    Jam On!

  38. some computers take longer than others. if you have a problem with your computer being logged out or glitchy or the enternet is bad itt will take a long time it seems extra long also. also some computers do not take them out at the same exact place but near it

  39. this really really really haelped me toatly in crystal bay thank you so much

  40. lol i got all of the journal page gifts! :D and im happy i have all rare spiked collar colors in long spike and im beta Ps. to feelers:ich liebe speck ! :D

  41. thanks for the answers feelers u rock! :) and im happy i have like all rare spiked collar colors tht long spiked. P.S ich liebe speck! :D XD

  42. aka.....Nemo? who's Nemo?

  43. to get the clownfish just click where it comes out
    it worked for me!


  45. You do a good job feelers I love your blog!


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