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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Last Halloween Update!

 The new items have finally arrived!

First of all there is a new animal, the sea turtle!

(Jamaa Clothing) Note: All Halloween items are now on Clearance.
 The new mask is one that probably has never come in stores, the Medusa Mask!
In the Flag Shop:

   A Peace flag and 5 new flags!

In the Museum Shop:
A Rhino Topiary!

In the Chamber of Knowledge:
  The Skull Tombstone!

In the Den Store:

Giant Phantoms and a phantom rug!
Also, there is Den Music you can buy now:

The Big Update:

There is a new ocean called Kani Cove.

 There is a new page in the Journey Book for this ocean too. The secrets will be updated as soon as I find the secrets.

 Here are the store items for Kani Cove:

Bahari Bargains:


  1. Yay! Thanks for the update! Can't wait to get my "paws" are that halo! That turtle with the halo on is really cute! :3 Love your blog!

  2. You didn't post about the new underwater den. And all the items in Kani Cove are underwater den items, for the underwater den. And I know what Kani Cove's prize is =). I found it yesterday.

  3. I am looking for a medua mask and/ or giant phantom! Will trade wood floors or sky wallpaper to cover the cost!

  4. how did you get a tiara on your hampster feelers?

    1. Well back then, the animals would get clothes on them by random, without picking them. Back then, I got a tiara on my first try!

    2. i want spookey old bones the dance and play wild plz send and tell your friends that i want one or all of them send me other phantom and halloween stuff to from last year or even before last year i accept all i will send a rare back
      i'm not a scammer so plz send! and i'm savannah21706 i just came up with a name to my new user i will send to my other user and will accept rlly so plz send!


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