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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Would You Rather....

 This week, I will not have enough time for blogging like updated the JOTW or anything else, due to a Science Unit Test, Algebra, and homework. So I will put up one of those Would you rather games for the week. If I have enough time to do a little bit of blogging, I'll update some more things. 
(These questions are AJ related) *= random

Comment your answers by number!

Would you rather.....

  1. Have 1 million gems or have one of every rare known to Animal Jam?
  2. *Be in jail with lions or lick peanut butter off of a hobo's foot?
  3. Be a member without being able to have buddies and pets or be a non member with unlimited gems?
  4. *Be a millionaire for 5 years or be poor and live forever?
  5. Meet Fuzzy Shyivy (VivaCandy, the most popular blogger) or be buddies with an Animal Jam guide?
  6. Have only 1 animal (a lion) or be a pet the whole time?


  1. 1. A million gems! Then I can buy stuff that will become rare. :l
    2. Lions! I just think that licking stuff is gross.
    3. Uhh Be a member. I can still be someone's buddy without the list, and I can live without the pets.
    4. Uhh... A millionaire?
    5. Be buddies with an AJ guide
    6. Be a lion. If you were a pet you couldn't do anything... :L

  2. 1. Have every rare known to Animal Jam
    2. Be in jail with lions
    3. Non-member with unlimited gems- I love my buddies
    4. A millionaire for 5 years
    5. Be buddies with an Animal Jam Guide
    6. Be a pet the whole time

    Nice "Would you rather" questions!


  3. Fauna, Would you get mad at me for copying your AJ name? I copyed Fuzzy Shyivys and someone ( aparently one of her mods ) Got reeeaally mad at me for copying. I did not mean to copy, I liked the name and plus it doesnt matter if you use someone else's name, right? I was thinking that maybe I should just delete the bunny and make a new one. Do you have any advice? If you do please help me out.


    1. well one of my buddies had exactly the same name and she was happy.i was happy too!we had the same kind a clothes so we decided to make ourselves like twins.it wuz awesome !!we had all the same patterns too.it was fun.guess you didnt get that good of a luck. i prefer to keep my username and my friend's username a secret...

  4. Sweet I love would you rathers!
    1. Have one of every rare known to Animal Jam
    2. Lick peanut butter of a hobo's foot
    3. Undecided....
    4. A millionaire for 5 years
    5. Be buddies with an animal jam guide
    5. Have only a lion

  5. 1) RARES!!!
    2) The lions. Definitly.
    3) Non-member.
    4) Millionaire!
    5) AJ Guide.
    6) Lion!

    1. If you were in the lions, you'd die cause they'd eat you. just thought i'd point it out.

    2. Not if they were tamed. and add me im pompomkitty!

  6. 1. Have every rare known to Animal Jam

    2. Be in jail with lions

    3. Be a non member with unlimited gems

    4.Be a millionaire for five years (I don't want to live forever)
    5. Meet Fuzzy Shyivy

    6. Be a pet the whole time

  7. wow some are hard.
    1: i dont know wat to choose
    2:i would rather.... well nothing on both
    3: be a non member with unlimited gems
    4: idk
    5:be buddies with an animal jam guide (im already frends with vivacandy XD)
    6: be a pet the whole time

  8. @ Wolf28379
    Well to be honest, I wouldn't like it if somebody copied my name. I already found a perfect way to copy my name.
    My advice would be to not copy people's names, because that would be impostering. I would suggest that you try coming up with your own cool, unique name. Mine is Feelers, which I use for every site.

    1. I think she meant the Fauna Toughclaw name, feelers. Not your username.


  9. 1.very rare

    2.be in jail with lions (i love animals such as lions and plus im a bit of a neat freak)

    3.mmember without buddies (i only add really good friends or family so ican call up my fam and tell them where to meet me)

    4.a millioner for 5 years (i dont wanna live forever watching my family such as kids and there grand kids...ect die before me is horriball)

    5.be buddies with a aj moniter (i dont have to look up to people just cause there amazingly popular doesnt mean i have to look up to them and suck up!)

    6.lion (i wudent wanna be a pet cause there small no water pets no clothing nothing and u cant costamize them and i have to follow people aorund witch is boring and sucky) -icefang99

  10. oh AND it depends if im in jail forever if i am then ill lick but if for some time then jail with lions! -icefang99

  11. 1.have one of every rare known to Animal Jam
    2.Be in jail with lions
    3.be a non member with unlimited gems
    4.be poor and live forever
    5.Meet Fuzzy Shyivy
    6.Have only 1 animal (a lion)

  12. 1: every rare
    2: be in jail with lions
    3:unlimited gems
    4:live forever
    5: buddy's with guide

  13. 1.1 million gems cuz I basically have all the rares XD
    2.I hate to say it but lick the peanut buttter off the hobo's foot...
    3.Member because I can have buddies always, and I don't really need pets so much.
    4. Millionare I have to say...I'm so poor :(
    5.Buddies with Animal Jam Guide cuz they are AWESOME!
    6. Hmm... Lion :D
    -wolvesr1 :)

  14. OMG! These " Would you Rather" is creepy coincedence! I made this up and played it 2 years ago in my Science group!


    1. A million gems!
    2. Be in jail with lions (they didn't say anything about being eaten)
    3. Being nonmember
    4. 5 years millionaire (I don't want to live forever like vampires, it be terrible)
    5. Be buddies with a guide
    6. Lion (pets ain't doing anything)

  15. 1. have every rare known to animal jam xD
    2.this is nasty but i wont die doing this(and im allergic to peanut butter) but lick peanut butter off a hobo's foot
    3.be a non-member. i love my buddies to death xD
    4.millionare for 5 years...i really wouldnt want to be alive forever..
    5. be buddies with a guide...i can ask them questions ^^
    6.a lion. pets just sit there and look adorable xD

  16. icefang99:
    You made me feel bad of my answers when you explained everything so well...

  17. Oh, and what's or who's a hobo?

  18. wait a minute! The famous blogger fuzzy shiivy's username is vivacandy? i saw one name Tiblesa or something.... im confused

  19. 1.Rares... I have like 20,000 gems already!
    2. Lions.. It DOESN'T say that they would eat you! :)
    3. Nonmember.. What would you do without a friend!?!?!
    4. Millionaire.. Who would like to live forever..?
    5. Friends with AJ guild.. They are cool and i can ask them questions :)
    5. Lion... Pets don't do anything :(

  20. 1.Have 1 million gems!.plus maybe I could get the ''Got 1 million Gems!'' achievement:)
    2.Be in jail with lions.I just hope the lions will not harm me :l
    3. be a non member with unlimited gems.
    4. be poor and live forever
    5.be buddies with an Animal Jam guide.that would be awesome :D
    6.Have only 1 animal (a lion).

  21. 1. have one of every rare known to Animal Jam.I could just earn gems^_^
    2.Be in jail with lions.I just hope they will not harm me
    3. be a non member with unlimited gems.
    4.be poor and live forever.
    5. be buddies with an Animal Jam guide.that would be cool :D.
    6.Have only 1 animal (a lion).

  22. 1.every rare known to aj
    3.poor and live forever
    5.fuzzy shyivy
    thx for letting meh post feelers :D

  23. 1)have Every rare known to aj
    2)Peanut Better *gross*
    3)Non Member with infinte gems can still get membership by buying it
    4)millionaire for five years, being poor and live forever is kind of creepy
    5)be buddies with animal jam guide might get free membership
    6)Be a pet the whole time

  24. 1. have every rare
    2. licking peanut butter-i would rather live than to die
    3. non member
    4. millionair for 5 years
    5. be buddies with a aj guide
    6. be a lion

  25. 1. Have every rare.
    2. Be in jail with Lions. You might think this is crazy, but here are my reasons why:
    #1 = She didn't say you were in the same cell.
    #2 = I'm writing a series of Lions and have become quite fond of the majestic creatures.
    3. Non member with unlimited gems. The whole point of being a member is for the ability to have pets, and to hang out with your buddies and show off your member-only items! ^^
    4. A Millionare for 5 years. It's not that I don't want to live, but what's the point if you're on the street, freezing, and practically dying?
    5. I'd be buddies with an AJ Guide. It's not like I have anything against Fuzzy ShyIvy (Which I don't) But she's just a kid like you and me. Just a kid who happens to be an amazing author and manages to somehow get thousands of hits on her blog a day.
    6. Be a pet. That would be SUCH a fun experience! Think about it, hopping around as a frog, slithering around like a snake! So many different choices than a Lion, which ANYONE can get. Pets... I don't think I've ever seen ANY Jammer walking casually around Jamaa Township as a Hummingbird... Have YOU?

  26. These are awesome "Would You Rather" questions! Make more xD.

    So anyway, here are my answers to it:

    1. I would have every rare known in Animal Jam because I could just earn gems!

    2. TOTALLY IN JAIL WITH LIONS! Wanna know the reasons why? Well, you're reading that comment! Here is the reasons:
    Reason 1- I hate Peanut Butter.
    Reason 2- Hobos are stupid and smell bad. LOLZ

    3. I would be a non-member with unlimited gems because I mean, members are the ones that have all those cool stuff to buy and plus, I could be my beta and rare non-member self like I am! ^.^

    4. Be poor and live forever because life isn't about money and being cool with money! You can't buy happiness so you are practically not cool because everyone should be happy! Another reason is because I just want to experience what will happen in the future when everybody dies because who knows what will be new when no one is on Earth but me?

    5. I would be buds with an Animal Jam Guide because I have tons of questions about Animal Jam so I could just ask them!

    6. I would be a pet the whole time because it's the same like Anonymous up there, it is such a cool experience! Lions can just talk with the chat bubbles and do actions. Anyway, you didn't say anything about we have to be like a pet of a jammer and follow them! :D


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