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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Another Halloween Update!

 This is the second Halloween Update for Animal Jam, so here are the things that came back!

 Like in the Jamaa Clothing Shop:
  Wizard hats, werewolf masks, spider masks, Demon Hats, Witch Hats, and Frankenstein Masks!

 In the Shiveer Shop:
Witch Masks, Yeti Masks, Scary Indian Masks, Scary Bell Hats, Scary Antlers, and Scary Cat Hats!

For new den items:
Candy Bowls and Member Tombstones!

In the Chamber Of Knowledge:
Ghosts and Scary Balloons!

In the Flag Shop:
A Phantom Flag!

Plus, there is an all new Journey Book for all Jammers!

You have to find all of the secret items in Bahari Bay, Crystal Reef, and Deep Blue to get a rare item from each one!

Oh and a seal topiary in the Museum:

 Update: This isn't it with all the cool rares coming back. There is still more to come! Some rares haven't come back yet, but in the next two weeks, they will! Just read the Jamaa Journal for the proof!


  1. I sure hope that more items come back! Possibly even new ones! I still want that giant phantom... :l

  2. Me too!

    If non member bat wings do come back, I'll probably explode with happiness!

  3. Yahoo i got the scary horns for my tiger's monster outfit! Thanks AJ HQ for bringing them out.

  4. if nm wings come bac i might quit aj cuz there so rare right now and i wanna trade em if they do so yea ill trade mine as fast as i can if i have not traded them bye the time they come back i rly might quit ~dragontiger123 ps

  5. ☺Squishy My Pet Phantom Waz Here ☺October 15, 2011 at 12:23 PM

    Hey! This Halloween is SO much better than the last! Rares are coming back quickly though, kind of sad but good at the same time! Don't forget to include that there are candy stations all around Jamaa! Click on one and you get a piece of candy appears on your charater, like the smoothies and popcorn. Me and my friends played a contest to see who could find all the cnady stations first! Good job AJ and have a happy halloween guys!

  6. ☺Squishy My Pet Phantom Waz Here ☺October 16, 2011 at 1:09 PM

    Oh and Squishy Phantom Octopus
    I did copy your name if that's what your thinking! Me and my friend split this username and use it on everything! So sorry if you thought I copied! Jam on!

  7. I've been there and i bought some stuff, like the webs and the giant phantom plushie. I traded the phantom plushie and recycled the webs :/

  8. Im guessing that nm bat wings are coming out as RIM (rare item monday) this year


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