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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cool Facts Around Jamaa (P.R.)/Update on Membership Cards!

 Spino11 has submitted a post request:

Anytime I get the chance to, I will be posting some facts that also appear around Jamaa!
(Oh and I added a few from my brain) The ones in " " are from AJ.

  •  Zebra's stripes are unique (like human fingerprints) no 2 zebras are alike.
  • "Reaching up to 70 miles an hour, cheetahs are the world's fastest land mammal!"
  •  "Giraffes are about 6 feet tall when they are born!"
  • Giraffes tongues are so long, they can clean their ears with them. (From Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only)
  • Whales dream.
  • Fish cough.
  • "Lions are the only cats that live in groups. These groups are called 'prides'!"
 The AJ Gift cards are out, but I won't post about it, because I don't want to copy Mayksufi. Click here to learn more about the gifts from the gift cards! 


  1. bathroom readers are awesome! They have everything you want and dont want to know! XD XD LOL

    lol do you know what "honorificabiitudinitatibus" is?

    See who can get it first :3


  2. THAT IS SO COOL! Thanks!

  3. You know what? NOW IF YOU HAVE ONE U GET A LION!


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