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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Post Request 2

Pteri4u has submitted a post request.

Ever wanted some tips on how to decorate your den? Here are some to get you started!

  • If you want to design your den for a Holiday, make sure you have all of your decorations and furniture for the specific holiday.
  • Use decorative wall decorations and jazz your den up with a "snack table", almost like you're having a party.
  • Imagine having a real party at your house. How would you decorate it then? Use that to decorate your den.
  • Line the path of your den up with decorations. (Examples: Halloween balloons, scary trees, or phantom statues)
  • Pick out good music to go along with the holiday or occasion.
  • Invite friends and have a good time!


  1. Ok, thanks! ;-D

    By the way, coulld you change the link to my blog, March of the Phantoms, to squishyphantoms.blogspot.com? Thanks!

  2. I really want to decorate someone else den so please help me!!


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