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Friday, October 28, 2011

Facts (Part ||)

 Ok so for something really cool, I will tell you about how humans smell things. (A weird thing is that when I learn about the human body, I giggle because I learn about how the body works and stuff) *These facts are from Uncle John's Bathroom Reader For Kids Only. These are not my facts.

  "Scientists say that the air is filled with "odor molecules", and they enter your nasal cavity (The inside space in your nose). Smells have 7 different categories: Resinous like mothballs [if you smell this you would be all EWWWWW of how bad it smells], foul like rotten eggs, minty like peppermint, floral like roses, ethereal like pears, musky like-well-musk, and acrid like vinegar.
 Smells were considered a good thing, but also a bad thing because inhaling bad smells was known to cause disease.
 When we smell something, our limbic system causes your mind to bring back a memory or emotion [see I'm laughing now because I'm learning]
  • Women have a keener sense of smell than men [GO WOMEN]
  • Each person has a unique odor, like every person has unique fingerprints.
  • We smell things better if we take several short sniffs rather than a long one [Yeah now your probably trying it right?]
  • Many smells are heavier than air and can only be smelled at ground level.
  • Smells stimulate learning."


  1. I never knew about this stuff. This is SO interesting. Hey how about next time you put up a vote of what animal you use on land?
    Rabbit (I use the rabbit)

  2. Hey Feelers! Sorry this is off-topic but chould you check out my new blog and help and some feedback? Thanks! Here's the URL

  3. Ya thats weird the unique odour thing you can smell other peoples but you can't smell yours. Lol weird!


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