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Daily Updates

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

October Monthly Gift

This month's gift is a Caged Phantom, but since I am not a member, I still received a postcard:

 All non members will receive this card, just as a reminder for what members can get.

Join The Club to get a cage phantom!

Plus, if you're a member and you click your bat...

And it will get big and then small again!

Oh and here are the results for the 2 polls!
"How often do you visit AJ?"
Everyday: 79%
About 5 times a week: 7%
About 3 times a week: 10%
About 5 times a month: 1%
Almost never: 1%
"When gloves came back out, how many did you buy?"
1-3: 32%
4-6: 8%
7-10: 12%
More than 10: 2%
More than 20: 14%
I don't know, just as many as I could buy!: 17%
The gloves came back out???: 12%

Enjoy the Halloween Jam-AHHHHHH!


  1. Hi Feelers! Just so you know, Steelwing22 was impostored. Trust me. He's never says bad things. He's a nice jammer:)
    Also, there are also Trapped Phantoms. They aren't in cages. They're supposed to be on the floor, though:)


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