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Daily Updates

Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Friday, December 28, 2012

So I was able to log onto Animal Jam for about 2 minutes on Christmas Eve, and everything was probably the same, animals singing songs (why do they even DO that?) and a few animals saying "I'm hawt", "All the foxes luv me", and "*bites and makes you bleed*". Nothing's changed, I guess. I wish Animal Jam was the way it used to be when I first joined. Everyone was happy, they weren't mean bullies who always scammed (though it still happened),  and they had lots of fun. Items were cheap, not taken over by humanized items, and the whole mood of the game was awesome. Things seem too different now.....           ~Feelers

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Hello Everyone!

Hey Jammers! No, I still don't have computer access. It's been a very long time since....September? Well ever since I haven't had computer access to keep me company, I've been getting good grades (I surprisingly have a B in Geometry!) and I've been focusing on school and life. Also, you know how "the end of the world" was supposed to come yesterday? I never believed in that since Day 1 of when the scientists who only believe in science supposedly figured that out. I laughed yesterday. I laughed so much because people thought it would end. Nobody knows when the world will end! I don't, and I'm kind of glad I don't! If we really knew it would end, we would be shoplifting and throwing toasters out winders, and people would be going crazy.  Now then. I do miss the Jamaalidays and the joy going around Jamaa. This Christmas, I am completely happy if I don't get any presents! Christmas isn't about us getting presents and giving, technically. Gift giving is for birthdays and other special occassions. And I know, I've been getting several comments saying that I need to change the background and music. If I had computer access, I would do that. I've also been getting fan threats of not reading the blog anymore. I don't detect a threat to my inner self! Once again, I'm saying that I never created this blog so "I can huz rarez and be popularz". I like helping people! Helping through blogging for a kid's website is a fun thing to doo! I. Do. Not. Care. How. Many. Views. I. Get. Well I need to go. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all you Jammers! (By the by.....have you noticed how people say Happy New YearS? There's one new year coming, not 2. So Happy New Year!)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Feelers' Pet Peeves: "Popularity"

Hey Jammers! It's Feelers, and I really want to get this out of my mind. When Jammers think of other Jammers as "popular", I want to tear my hair out. At first, it might be the Jammers who have all the latest cool items or something, and then they act all cool like everybody loves them. Then, there would be a time when there's a Jammer who has rare items. They think that they're better than everybody else, and they say things like "No, stay away from my Rares, noob!" And yes, they do capitalize words in the middle of sentences that don't even need to be capitalized. I just dislike it. It might be a person who acts really nice, but they're actually a snobby backstabber.  Well, that's my pet peeve for today. Jam on!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

The Drama Has Possessed Us

Hi Jammers. I'm just feeling like I kind of want to speak my heart and stop keeping my feelings inside.       I'm sick and tired of drama. Yeah, the whole "friends backstabbing each other and just caring about who's right and not what's right." The usual huge argument that happens is that two or three Jammers will just start hating each other because of scamming or something stupid, and then they'll tell their sides of the story, and then they'll just go on saying "that's not true" or "you're like, so wrong." or something. If it has to do with scamming, get over it. It's. A. Stupid. Item. Don't waste your time fighting andscreaming your vocal cords out, just start over!       Quitting. Jammers make a huge. Flippin'. Deal. On. Quitting. "I'm dying. I'm dead. Everything's just dead. My life is dead. Goodbye world, even though everybody hates me." Maybe no one would hate you if you stopped being a self-pitying fladoodle who becomes so attached to people like they're your life and cuss people out but still pretend to be your sweet wittle self and being such a little jerk who thinks they're all that just because they have a blog and know a Blogger!!!!!! This makes me so enraged! When drama happens between two or three Jammers I just want to scream and yell that IT'S JUST A KID'S GAME! some of you are older than 11 or 12, and you act like you're a little kid who doesn't know how to deal with drama and let it go!        I'm mad.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Tips On Being A Good Blogger

It's me, Feelers, and I just wanted to post on how to be a good Blogger.    1. Have a catching Post Title. Don't make it boring, or like other ones. Make it so the readers want to read your post!  2. Don't write all about how you're sorry that you haven't been posting! a quick sentence saying that you're sorry, and you'll try to keep up.  3. Stay on topic! don't be a Blogger who loves talking about how much they love spaghetti and only one sentence about the new item.  4. Make pages about Animal Jam, not about you getting a new pet worm or about the time you broke your arm. Jammers want to read about Animal Jam, not spaghetti.  4. Make your post meaningful, like you want to post, because you do! If you created a blog just you can be "popular" then you aren't being a good Blogger. Make your posts a bit more than just 5 sentences. If your post looks like this: "Hey Jammers. Today's new item is a tutu. Later Jammers!" then fix it.  6. Have proper grammar. Capatalize when needed. Make sure your usage of words makes sense. Punctuate correctly. Have excellent spelling! Read over your post before you publish!  7. Never, and I mean NEVER feel self-pity! If you're posting all the time, and you're like "i'm just gonna quit, because nobody looks at this blog, and people hate me" then you might get a few comments saying "aww i dont hate you", but seriously. Being a person without self-confidence won't make you a succesful Blogger.  8. Don't copy other Blogger's style of writing! Be unique and creative, and Jammers will love your blog!  ~Feelers

I'm back

Hey, Jammers!
Guess what? I'm back!
I'll just post all of the items that are new since I left, if that's ok with you all.
In Jam Mart Clothing, there are two returning items: the Turkey Hats and Pilgrim Hats have returned!
Have you missed these items? I don't remember if Pilgrim Hats returned last year or not, but I'm glad they did this year!

In Jam Mart Furniture, the long-lost Fruit Bowls have returned!
The fruit rolled from the hill.
It kept rolling and rolling
And rolling and rolling
And rolling and rolling
Until it crashed into a building and rolled into a small glass bowl.
That is how the Fruit Bowl has been created.
NOTE: The Fruit Bowl is not for sale for creepy fruit-stalkers.
That is one of my lame stories. I hope you enjoyed it (But it doesn't matter if you didn't)!
In the Sol Arcade...
Splash and Dash! It's a wonderful party game, and you can see the shells on the side, with a green orb trapped in between them.. There is a seagull in between the teal and pink joysticks, and there's a racing dolphin on the top.
Wait: I don't have 400 gems?

In Treetop Gardens, there's a Dandelion Patch!
 Weeds. In Winter. Is it just me, or is this getting weird?

In Epic Wonders, there's a Golden Dragon Mask!
It's solid gold. Very uncomfortable, but very fashionable.

In Bahari Bargains...
The Propeller and Old Scuba Helmet returns!

That's all, Jammers!
Sorry I wasn't on for so long.
Jam On!


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