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Daily Updates

Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Monday, May 28, 2012

Thanks Feelers!

Heya, jammers!
I'm a new author on Animal Jam Rage. I would like to thank Feelers for sending me an author invite! My name is GreatShot.

I will try my best to often post on AJR, I'll try to keep up with updates around Jamaa and more!
Speaking of updates...there's the Rare Item Monday out in Jam Mart Clothing.

It's 750 gems, members only.
This is found on the second page of the Jam Mart Clothing Catalog.
Once again, thanks Feelers for making me an author!
Have a jammin' good time!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Upcoming Events Blog!

The Upcoming Events Blog is finished!

Hey Jammers!

  I finished the Upcoming Events Blog, and it is one post of all of the Upcoming Events in Jamaa for that month! I also made the drop down menu bar on that blog so you can see all of the parties! I just have to make posts for all of them...

 If you have any ideas for it, comment here or on the new blog!

Click here to visit it!

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sarepia Forest Journey Book!

Here are the Journey Book Secrets for Sarepia Forest!

First in Sarepia, the Chipmunk:
It appears on the 2nd level from the top, and on the farthest left is a branch. A chipmunk will occasionally be sitting there.
Next are the Fireflies:
They sometimes appear to the middle left of the steps on the lowest floor.
Next is the Woodpecker:
You'll find a little hole in the large tree truck by the Pill Bugs game. After a while, or if you click it, it will appear.
They have hair in their nose to keep out the sawdust. :D

Here is the Moss:
It will always be on the tree nearest to the end of the slide.
Next are the Mushrooms:
They are in the lowest right hand corner in the patch of grass.
Here is the Owl, the one people are constantly looking for:
It will land on the post sign to Coral Canyons.
Here is the Poison Ivy:
It will always be next to the steps at the bottom of Sarepia.
Next is the Raven (nevermore):
It will first fly across the Flag Shop, then land on the little posts by the Sarepia Theater.
Here are the stinky but cute Skunks:
I also hear the way to get rid of the smell if it's on you is to bathe in tomato juice. :D
Here is the sloooooow Snail:
It is usually found slowly moving past the log which is by the steps.
Lastly, here are the Termites:
They are near the cat fact post in Sarepia. Also, did you know that there are more termites on the earth than humans? (That's more than 7 billion!)
Your prize, Jammer!

Mt. Shiveer Journey Book

Here are the Journey Book Secrets for Mt. Shiveer!

First, there's the Gold:
It's found in the entrance to Crystal Sands.
Then you'll find the huge Hawk Moth:
It is flying around the springs by Nessie.
Then there's the Himalayan Tahr:
It will start out as a speck but grow as it climbs Mt. Everest.
Next is the Himalayan Poppy plant:
It grew right next to the Hot Cocoa Hut.
Next is the Juniper:
It also grew right below the Hot Cocoa Hut.
Here is the Lemming:
It appears to the right of the slick slide.
Next is the Partridge (not in a pear tree):
Her and her partridge-ling appear to the left of the fire where Gem Breaker is at.
Here is the odd-looking Permafrost:
It is always above the hot springs.
Here is the cute Red Panda:
You'll see it climbing some bamboo to the lower right corner in the hot springs.
Next is the Slate:
It's small, and on the scary cliff above the Hot Cocoa Hut.
And last but definitely not least, the Yak:
They are a little small and are on a cliff above the Gem Breaker game.

Your prize, Jammer:

Red Panda Toy

Temple of Zios Journey Book

Here are the Journey Book Secrets for the Lost Temple of Zios!

First, there is the Turtle:
It appears below the entrance from Crystal Sands

 Then there's the acid-dissolving Pitcher Plant:
It's right next to the Temple of Trivia

Here is the Vine Snake:
 It is right next to Brady Barr's Lab

Next is the Praying Mantis:
It is also right next to Brady Barr's Lab

Now, the Mouse:
It is right next to the entrance to the Chamber of Knowledge

And the Monitor Lizard:
Comes by Brady Barr's Lab and near the pond
Here is the Python:
Click the mouse again, and the Python will come out and try to eat it!
 And the Colugo:
It comes near the door to the building that you can't go in

Here are the Needlefish:
They come in the little pond 

Here is the Water Strider:
Better Hurry! It moves fast!

And the Hibiscus plant:
It's in the far corner of the outside of the Chamber of Knowledge

And last, the Dragonfly:
It flies around the pond

*Also, I noticed that before you open your gift, if you exit out of the Journey Book, you will see this on it:

Your prize, Jammer!

Bahari Bay Journey Book

Here are the Journey Book Secrets for Bahari Bay!

The Seaweed is at the top left hand corner of Bahari Bay.
Here is the Seastar, Barrel Sponge, Giant Clam, Sea Cucumber, and Oyster.
 Here is the Elephant Seal:

 Here is the Jellyfish:
The scallop is right below me; I forgot to put it up there.
And lastly, here is the Barracuda:
They travel in groups of
This is where the eel will come.

Crystal Reef Journey Book

Here are the Journey Book Secrets for Crystal Reef!

Here is the Stingray:
It swims by the entrance to Deep Blue.
Here is the Acorn Barnacle:
It's pretty small, but is always there.
Here is the Lobster:
It appears right above the blocked seahorse door.
This is the Feather Duster Worm:
It is always right below the seahorse door.
This is the Staghorn Coral:
Right next to the entrance to Bahari Bay.
Here is the cute little pufferfish:
It's that green spotted fish I forgot to circle it.
This is the Whale's spot:
It comes in between the rocks above the entrance to Deep Blue.
Here are the tube sponges:
If it doesn't work, click different tube sponges that looks like this one.
This is the Braincoral:
It's pretty obvious where the brain coral is.
The Flounder is a little tough, because it's camouflaged:
You have to have a sharp eye for this one; it's directly below the Crystal Sands sign, lying on a rock.
Here is the Clownfish, a.k.a. Nemo:
This one is almost always here. Below the surface.
And lastly, the Marlin (Swordfish):
  It goes a little bit fast, but if you miss it, don't worry, because it will turn around and come back.


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