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Friday, May 25, 2012

Coral Canyons Journey Book

Here are the Coral Canyons Land Secrets!

1. Cardinal
It flies right over the bridge, and lands on a tree branch for a few seconds.

2. Coyote
It walks from the cliff off in the distance by the bridge, and will stop and howl.
3. Dandelion
These are by the waterfall near Epic Wonders.
4. Gila Monster
This is from Temple of Zios, right? It appears in the lower right of the Art Studio.
5. Honeybee
These bees are in their hive right next to Best Dressed.
6. Peregrine Falcon
It soars and dives above the scopes and near the tree.
7. Rattlesnake
This venomous snake slithers silently to the left of the waterfall.
8. Saguaro Cactus
 This large cactus is planted next to the pool of water at the foot of the waterfall.

9. Scorpion
 This poisonous arachnid comes to the rocks to the left of where you enter Coral Canyons.
10. Tarantula
 This hairy arachnid slides over in the lower left of the waterfall-ish place.
Fact: The largest spider is the Goliath Spider, which can grow big enough to be the size of a large dinner plate!

11. Woodchuck
 It sniffs around on the trail you come down from the left of the bridge.

Your prize, Jammer!


  1. noooo!!!!!!! animal jam is offline when i was about to get a headdress!!!!!!! why couldnt give us a warning? :(


    1. How were you going to get a headress? Trade? How?
      Sorry, a lot of questions. Im curious! (;

      Jamm Onn!

      -ScarfaceOFsteamclan (add me!)

  2. Replies
    1. whats monster high?

    2. some tv show whatever

  3. This is Awesome! But can you help me with the scorpion because i can't seem to find it and i looked where your blog is telling me to.

  4. and also i meant to put
    P.S. to Feelers: Ich liebe Speck.
    JAM ON!


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