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Saturday, May 19, 2012

New Cruise Ship Items!

2 New Items in the Cruise Ship Party!

 The Cruise Ship Party has 2 new den items!

An Inner Tube (You can make it a doughnut, I think) and a longer Lounge Chair!
I sure am glad Animal Jam is bringing new items! It makes me think of Summer!
Jam On!


  1. I like the new inner tube. I should get one. It would be perfect for the Waterslide Den I am saving up for! The lounge chairs are pretty cool too...I just hope they come in different colors than orange.

    1. if you get the doughnut people trade you great stuff for it!

    2. Ooookay!

  2. Hey? Can you post this?

    There is a glitch with the Non Member Mech Angel Wings. It only works if you are a rhino. So, turn into a rhino and sit southwest or southeast while wearing the Non Member Mech Angel Wings.The Non Member Mech Angel Wings will turn into Angel Wings. Please give credit to me and SuperMonkeys.


  3. This has nothing to do with the post but can you give me a signature?

    Here is the imformation you need.

    Signature Name: HeartBlaze
    Font Type: Cursive
    Font Color? Is it possible for Rainbow?

  4. Hi! nice blog i like reading it when i have to find something out abotu AJ(animal jam)

    Do you know what ahppens around christmas thanks



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