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Friday, May 25, 2012

Deep Blue Journey Book

Here are the Journey Book Secrets for Deep Blue!

is the Hatchetfish: 
Below the bridge-ish part below the entrance to Crystal Reef.
Now the Oarfish:
This one is also pretty obvious; right above the secret entrance with the light.
This is the Gulper Eel:
Yes, I faked this picture, but this is where the Gulper Eel is located.
This is the Viperfish:
It comes to the left of the weird plants; I only got its backside.
Next, the Fangtooth:
It comes to the left of the lava pit.
Next, the Giant Squid (I faked this one too, but it's where it goes):
Here is the Coelacanth:
It comes in the upper left hand corner of Deep Blue.
And the Anglerfish (I love this one):
It comes beneath where the Hatchetfish comes by.
The Frogfish:
This fish is right next to the entrance to Crystal Reef.
And lastly, the Giant Isopod:
This one is a little bit camouflaged too. It comes out next to the giant standing up rock in the center part of Deep Blue.


  1. Those weird plants kinda look like the stuff ursila uses for lipstick in airel

    1. it did not help me
      Bye the way it is harry stils speeckin

    2. You can't even spell Styles! How are you him if you can't even spell your own name?

      Plus, Harry Styles would be nice to a kid! U^U

  2. totally i so believe!!! LOL!

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  4. lol the fangtooth one looks like its eating the giant isopod lol but anyways Thanks!

    1. its not an isopod its a random crab

  5. This was the last page in journey book for me. Thankies for the help. ;3

  6. BTW I told my teddy that i have a disturbance in my socks but lol im not wearing socks!

    P.S. to Feelers:
    Ich Liebe NICHT Speck; Ich bin ein Vegetarian!
    (I don't love bacon; I'm a vegetarian!)
    Mein kleines affe liebed das mustard und ist ein
    (My small monkey loves mustard and he is a snotspoon)


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