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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Trapped Phantoms Double-Up

I received 2 Trapped Phantoms instead of just 1....

  Okay, I logged on to Animal Jam at first, and AJ HQ sent me a Trapped Phantom. I left for about 15 minutes, and came on to update some stuff. I checked my Jam-A-Grams, and AJ HQ sent me another Trapped Phantom!

  This might be because AJ HQ wanted you to have both shapes of the Trapped Phantoms, but I'm not sure.

  Wait wait! Maybe they resent the gifts to all the Jammers because they know that most didn't receive them! Ahh okay now, I understand. That's why the Jammers who already received one received two.

See you around Jamaa!


  1. I did not get a caged phomtom from aj on either of my accounts.. why didnt they send me one?

    1. You could just check it tomorrow, or email Animal Jam HQ about it. I also have two, and if I was a member I would give you one of them!

      Jam On!

    2. i have 3 acounts and i got it on my oldest account and i only got one.i am not a member so i could not get it. :( -supercool07

  2. I know you would give me one feelers. but your not a member so you cant... i checked on my bros account too .. and his didnt have it either.. maybe they send it to random ppl.. sonicbeast101..

  3. Animal Jam has problems again like friday.. When i get on it wont let me change my animal and it gives me the wheel when i refresh the page.. and when i teleport it says i have new mail and i dont and it brings up the wheel even thou i spined it today.. sonicbeast101.. its werid.. it has problems on sunday...


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