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Saturday, May 12, 2012

Fixed Stuff on Animal Jam

Since Animal Jam was Offline, some things changed!

 First of all, I was trading with my Storage Account (FeelersSA), and you can now add your items in a different order, because the boxes all have the + sign instead of one at a time:

Next, there was a glitch that used to do as follows:
  1. Click item to trade
  2. Press + Button
  3. It will say: "Add to Jam-A-Gram"
This was fixed, so now it just says "Add to Trade" again.
If I find any more fixed stuff, I'll add it, or if you do, then comment!


  1. oh no i liked when it said add to jam-a-gram.:(

  2. ok
    um how do u put the " creator " thing with a picture? ad how do u make a picture link instead of all tht url and htttml ?

    1. Go to Design and then Layout.

      Then click Add a Gadget in one of the spots; it doesn't matter which one.

      Next, scroll down to Picture, and click Browse to the picture you want it to be.

      There is also a box that says "Link", so just add the URL (web address) of the place you want the picture to go to when it's clicked.

      Voila! You're finished!


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