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Daily Updates

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Friday, May 25, 2012

May Update!

This post is a little bit late, but you can still enjoy all of the fun with Giraffes on Animal Jam!

The main part of this update is the new animal, the Giraffe!
 If your Giraffe wears a neck item, it will appear on their long necks three times!

Next, Animal Jam will soon be opening up a Summer Carnival! It should be opening on June 8th! Maybe there will be Beta Prizes, or items from the past!

Plus, Animal Jam Headquarters has opened up the Journey Book Chapter for Coral Canyons! You can visit that guide by clicking this picture, or finding it from the blue bar at the top of the page!
Also, there is a new Bunnies Only Party! I won't spoil it for you this time, but I will say that there is music being sold from the party, and you can buy pet Bunnies there!

The Animal Museum has turned into the Conservation Museum!
 They still need to change the name though. But you can donate gems, give ideas for new animals, and print out pictures of endangered animals!

Animal Jam HQ has also announced that there will be a new animal for non members! It should be coming out on June 9th!
Could it be a bird? Or a different version of an animal that we already have? What do you think Jammers?
I'll be making an extra blog, showing all of the Upcoming Events in Jamaa! I'll post about it when I finish it.

Also, a new Giraffe Jam-A-Gram has been created, and a "Rules" button has been put on the Jame-A-Gram card creator.

That's all for now Jammers!


  1. wow thx 4 teh update!!!
    I think the new animal is going to be either a snake or a bird like you said but seriously...idk.... fingers crossed for something cute!!!

    1. lol thanks i didnt no bout them please add me i am candy98671 and love your user

  2. they shoulda made it an animal for NON MEMBERS ONLY! I wish they did...

    1. non member are the game AS A FREE TRIAL they DO NOT need their own animal

  3. i love ur blog! please buddy me (i wont cry if you dont) but can you still buddy me your really nice

  4. AWESOME! I love your blog! what is your username on animal jam because i REALLY want to buddy you! M


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