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Friday, May 25, 2012

Temple of Zios Journey Book

Here are the Journey Book Secrets for the Lost Temple of Zios!

First, there is the Turtle:
It appears below the entrance from Crystal Sands

 Then there's the acid-dissolving Pitcher Plant:
It's right next to the Temple of Trivia

Here is the Vine Snake:
 It is right next to Brady Barr's Lab

Next is the Praying Mantis:
It is also right next to Brady Barr's Lab

Now, the Mouse:
It is right next to the entrance to the Chamber of Knowledge

And the Monitor Lizard:
Comes by Brady Barr's Lab and near the pond
Here is the Python:
Click the mouse again, and the Python will come out and try to eat it!
 And the Colugo:
It comes near the door to the building that you can't go in

Here are the Needlefish:
They come in the little pond 

Here is the Water Strider:
Better Hurry! It moves fast!

And the Hibiscus plant:
It's in the far corner of the outside of the Chamber of Knowledge

And last, the Dragonfly:
It flies around the pond

*Also, I noticed that before you open your gift, if you exit out of the Journey Book, you will see this on it:

Your prize, Jammer!


  1. Hi feelers! What's your FULL username? I would like to look you up in AJ :3


    1. I actually don't have a full username; my username is just Feelers, and my animal names are all Fauna Toughclaw.

      Jam On GreenLeafs!

    2. I thought u were kittymit555.


  2. Hey, I'm Herpofthederp from animal jam!

  3. Replies
    1. The truth is, when I checked the book, there is no mice. That mice is for decoration

  4. I cant find the turtle no matter what P.S. to Feelers Ich liebe Speck. Jam On!!!!!

  5. RainbowdashdemonJune 11, 2014 at 5:35 AM

    el oh el


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