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Friday, May 25, 2012

Mt. Shiveer Journey Book

Here are the Journey Book Secrets for Mt. Shiveer!

First, there's the Gold:
It's found in the entrance to Crystal Sands.
Then you'll find the huge Hawk Moth:
It is flying around the springs by Nessie.
Then there's the Himalayan Tahr:
It will start out as a speck but grow as it climbs Mt. Everest.
Next is the Himalayan Poppy plant:
It grew right next to the Hot Cocoa Hut.
Next is the Juniper:
It also grew right below the Hot Cocoa Hut.
Here is the Lemming:
It appears to the right of the slick slide.
Next is the Partridge (not in a pear tree):
Her and her partridge-ling appear to the left of the fire where Gem Breaker is at.
Here is the odd-looking Permafrost:
It is always above the hot springs.
Here is the cute Red Panda:
You'll see it climbing some bamboo to the lower right corner in the hot springs.
Next is the Slate:
It's small, and on the scary cliff above the Hot Cocoa Hut.
And last but definitely not least, the Yak:
They are a little small and are on a cliff above the Gem Breaker game.

Your prize, Jammer:

Red Panda Toy

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