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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May Gift!

Members have received their May gift!

 This month, members have received a new item: Phantom Invasion!

Here is a picture of the card that Non-Members will get:
Don't worry, non-members, it's just a membership!


  1. It's not fair that Non-members can't get good stuff too. Im a member but my brother is not and being a Non-member isn't fun i tried it, i dont know how my brother does it.. Oh and i think Non-member's should have pets too! And different dens and stuff its not fair that you have to have Un-cool stuff and dont have advantage's like we do it's just not fair Animal Jam .. And Feelers i love your blog!!!

    1. I totally agree with you on that! Non members and members should be treated equally! But if there were no members, Animal Jam would no longer be able to run!

      Jam On! (And thanks for liking my blog! :D)

    2. also feelers i wrote the first comment and also feelers your my friend in aj think about it feelers who i am..

    3. I agree!All jammers should get good stuff like rares and all that. Whenever I see something in the Jam Marts that I want it's MEMBERS ONLY!I'm a nonmember and I'm SICK AND TIRED of not having the good stuff! Who's with me?

      Keep On Jamming,

  2. i know my mom says i cant have 1 and i tell her "But nonmembers get all the dumb stuff & cant have pets."i havent been a member but my best friend in my class has one and he lets me get on it but i mean i want to have my own. oh yeah and my animal jam is "firespirit11610"friend me i will try 2 friend u asap.I LUV BACON :-D YUM

  3. this will blow ur mind i was talking 2 my friend in the pillow room one day saying"man its not fair that members get all the good stuff."and then a fox heard it and said "why doesnt your parents get off their butts and work then get u a member ship u dumby."so this is what i did I REPORTED HER 4 BEING A BULLY. so every1 if some1 is being a bully even if they r not being mean 2 u report them.ok thxs

  4. i feel so bad for you non members because they can't accept gifts the don't get diamonds also thanks for being my buddy feelers your friend jak038

  5. also they get bad stuff im so sorry to non members it is just not fair!:(


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