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Daily Updates

Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Monday, April 30, 2012

Invisible in Wolves Only Party

This is another glitch in the Wolves Only Party. If you click on this Player's tag (which this author forgot to make a screenshot of) she is a dolphin.

Glitches seem to be very popular in the Wolves Only Party. This is interesting because it has not been around as long as Jamaa Township has.

Seal in Wolves Only Party!

This seal is in the Wolves Only Party.

Apparently, it's other user is ilovemermaids101. This seals had two accounts.

The seal says he can do it with any water animal.

Do you know this glitch? Seen anyone doing it?

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hello, I'm a new author!

This is Flora ArticPaw, the animal I usually use on AJ. My username is rosieknows1. Feelers accepted me to become a author for this blog! Isn't she so great? She has a great blog. Wow, I feel, well,

I hope you guys really appreciate my blog posts. I love to hear from you guys too! Comment anytime on my posts. Well, thanks for reading guys! 

Item Updates!/Best Dressed Trick

Here are some new items!

First, in the Spooky Party, there is a Phantom Necklace you can buy at the clothing store!

And in Sunken Treasures, a Compass for your den!


I discovered a new trick for Best Dressed...

In the game, Best Dressed, you choose who you want to vote for to win, right?

Well in Best Dressed, I have noticed some Jammers winning by tricking people in to voting for them like this:

What they'll do is not wear anything at all. Then when it's time to vote, you usually want to give the Jammers with the best clothing the least chance possible to win. So you choose the Jammer who isn't wearing anything, because you think most people won't pick for him because he isn't dressed. A lot of Jammers will do that, causing him to win!

I'm not saying it's totally wrong to do that, but just a heads up Jammers!
Jam On!

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Spooky Party Updates!

The Spooky Party has some new stuff!

First of all, in the Spooky Party den shop, you can get a Ghost Winder! (Window, it's from iCarly: "Ya Spencer open up that Winder! She died, though, she fell outta winder hehe. Just kidding she had a heart attack...")

Ghost Window

Also, there is a secret place where you can buy a pet Bat!
 First, go upstairs to where you would buy clothes. You'll see a Candelabra. The wallpaper has all phantoms, except for one spot above the Candelabra where there is a faint bat. Click it to buy a pet bat! (Members only)

Also, I found this snake glitch here, but it doesn't really have anything to do with the party itself.
It's like, half of a snake. I though it was an evil piece of grass or something...

Friday, April 27, 2012

New Author, Kennedy13123

Hello! I am Kennedy13123, a new author on Fauna Toughclaw's Animal Jam Rage! I own two blogs, one is under construction. Also, I am an author for a few other blogs!
Have fun!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Spooky Party!

The highlights of the Spooky Party! BOO!

When you walk in, it will be like the opposite of a regular Haunted House den. You'll see a graveyard on your left!

Here is the main part of the house:

And if you go to the right of the outside of the house, then you can click on the skull patch in the ground to get a floating ghost next to you!

And here is a foggy part of the house where you can turn into a transparent ghost!

Hahah...Drake & Josh....."You have smashed the window of transparency!"

And here are the 2 stores you can purchase stuff at!

Den Store:
Floating Candle, Skull Tombstone, and Scary Organ!!

Clothing Store:
Phantom Balloon, Skull Helmet, Scary Bell Hat, and Scary Mask!

New Items!!

April has its last update of new items and more!

First of all, Best Dressed is now available in Water Lands!

And there is a new party, the Spooky Party! I will make a post about it in a few minutes.

The Appondale Journey Book Chapter is now available! I already made the page for that if you need any help!

And a new game for pet snakes called Ssssssnakes!

Also, you can now report a player who has sent you a Jam-A-Gram!

Also, you can now report a player for Inappropriate Behavior.
No, don't worry Sonicbeast101, I didn't really report you! ;)

Here is the winner for the Den Item Contest! Miss Cleverclaw!
This is the Hidden Mystery in the Jamaa Journal:

Here are all of the letters you can find in the Jamaa Journal:

Now here is the picture if you rearrange the letters.....:

Giraffe! A new Giraffe animal is coming!

Anyway, here are the new clothes and stuff:

In Jam Mart Furniture:
Obviously the awesome winning dresser!!

In the Pet Shop:
Grass with worms and a Duck Crossing sign!

There may be new ocean stuff too, but I don't have an ocean animal.
Have fun with the new updates and Jam On!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Wanna Bet?"/Silverstein

A new scam has been created....

Since Monday, I have been at Trading Parties, and people have been wanting to "bet" with other Jammers for their rare items.

They'll say something like, "I'll bet that I can [go make 10 friends in 5 seconds], and if I win, you have to give me your Top Hat."

Really? Here are 2 things Jammers have said to bet:

Betting leads to scamming and unsafe trading! These Jammers say "betting is fun!" when it's only fun for them because they can scam and get rares.


This is a warning because of the scammer, Silverstein.

Silverstein is a scammer that has scammed multiple Jammers. I ran into her at somebody's den today.

 There you see her saying, "I gave you a gift" to me, when I honestly NEVER received a gift from her. Here, she is saying that I was too stubborn to receive my gift that I never even received.
Gosh, you have no idea how angry this makes me. Well, I should go now before I just chuck this computer out of a dumptruck.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Rare Monday!

Hurry and pick up your rare for Rare Monday today only!

 This rare for rare monday is Rare Spiked Hair!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Earth Day!/Help Wanted?

Happy Earth Day! What are you going to do to help the wonderful world?


Even though I'm using the computer....I'm going to keep everything else off. What are you going to do for Earth Day?

I'm doing a redo on guides (blog authors), because of some new rules.

So I don't have to explain it all on this post, click the Badge button on the right sidebar to learn information on how to be a guide! 

Good luck and Jam On!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Old Panda Hat

Old Panda Hat is back,
Where? Jam-mart
How much? 250
Members? Yes
Den Clothing or Music? Clothing

Friday, April 20, 2012

Animal Jam Mistake

Just a quick mistake that Animal Jam made on the top bar.

So when you are on the actual Animal Jam home page, the top bar will say this:

Animal Jam - Meet friends, adopts pets, and play wild!

It should say adopt pets, not adopts pets.

Jam On!


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