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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Item Updates!/Best Dressed Trick

Here are some new items!

First, in the Spooky Party, there is a Phantom Necklace you can buy at the clothing store!

And in Sunken Treasures, a Compass for your den!


I discovered a new trick for Best Dressed...

In the game, Best Dressed, you choose who you want to vote for to win, right?

Well in Best Dressed, I have noticed some Jammers winning by tricking people in to voting for them like this:

What they'll do is not wear anything at all. Then when it's time to vote, you usually want to give the Jammers with the best clothing the least chance possible to win. So you choose the Jammer who isn't wearing anything, because you think most people won't pick for him because he isn't dressed. A lot of Jammers will do that, causing him to win!

I'm not saying it's totally wrong to do that, but just a heads up Jammers!
Jam On!


  1. i should try that and see if i win!!!!1

    ps. i usally vote for the person that looks the best

  2. feelers when i saw you i was on this too. well what do you do on aj? i bet alot of people want to be your friend.

  3. i like your new backround feelers very nice choice. and hi sydney08 sorry if i spelled your name wrong. bye everyone talk yo you guys later.


  4. it doesnt work


  5. Hey Feelers!
    I always wondered if there was an UNDERWATER "Best Dressed." I couldn't find it! Do you know where it is?

    Jamm Onn! (Please check out my NEW blog! http://animaljamspark.webnode.com/ )


    1. There is an Underwater Best Dressed!

      Just head to Bahari Bargains, and go to the upper right hand corner, and there will be a door! Click the game icon, and it will take you to the Underwater Version of Best Dressed!

      (Hey, if I'm wrong for some reason, then wow, that's emabarrassing; I've just only played the underwater version a couple of times! :|)


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