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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

"Wanna Bet?"/Silverstein

A new scam has been created....

Since Monday, I have been at Trading Parties, and people have been wanting to "bet" with other Jammers for their rare items.

They'll say something like, "I'll bet that I can [go make 10 friends in 5 seconds], and if I win, you have to give me your Top Hat."

Really? Here are 2 things Jammers have said to bet:

Betting leads to scamming and unsafe trading! These Jammers say "betting is fun!" when it's only fun for them because they can scam and get rares.


This is a warning because of the scammer, Silverstein.

Silverstein is a scammer that has scammed multiple Jammers. I ran into her at somebody's den today.

 There you see her saying, "I gave you a gift" to me, when I honestly NEVER received a gift from her. Here, she is saying that I was too stubborn to receive my gift that I never even received.
Gosh, you have no idea how angry this makes me. Well, I should go now before I just chuck this computer out of a dumptruck.


  1. Aww oh no not more scamming and bullying stuff!
    Yep, Also she is a scammer although I have never heard of her but I have heard lots of rumors about scamming...

  2. Thanks feelers for standing up for me when silverstein called me a scammer for no reason, and good thing ya posted that!

  3. I was there, I remember her actually saying, "You wanna bet?" Something like that, but it's another way to scam rares. So horrible! D:

  4. Hey Jammers.
    Silverstein? She 'pretended' to be one of my friend's BFF's for the longest time, and then scammed her "Blue Top Hat." Pretty mean, huh? And when I first became a member, I won a bet with her, and she promised her "Spike Collar." Guess what I got? ONE OF THOSE AMAZING 45-GEM NECKLACES. LEGIT, HUH? XP
    Haha, beware of her!

    Jamm Onn! (Check out my new blog, http://animaljamspark.webnode.com/ )


  5. silverstein is not worthy of the bacon... feelers it is our job to protect the bacon from horrible people like her...

  6. Not her again....... >:\ -.-
    Dear silverstein,
    You are not a nice person. Get a life... :]

  7. silverstein is not a scammer anmore she cahnge BIG TIME!

  8. You have no life if you blog about me. I know Im interesting but chill, I mean seriously (-:


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