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Daily Updates

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

New Items!!

April has its last update of new items and more!

First of all, Best Dressed is now available in Water Lands!

And there is a new party, the Spooky Party! I will make a post about it in a few minutes.

The Appondale Journey Book Chapter is now available! I already made the page for that if you need any help!

And a new game for pet snakes called Ssssssnakes!

Also, you can now report a player who has sent you a Jam-A-Gram!

Also, you can now report a player for Inappropriate Behavior.
No, don't worry Sonicbeast101, I didn't really report you! ;)

Here is the winner for the Den Item Contest! Miss Cleverclaw!
This is the Hidden Mystery in the Jamaa Journal:

Here are all of the letters you can find in the Jamaa Journal:

Now here is the picture if you rearrange the letters.....:

Giraffe! A new Giraffe animal is coming!

Anyway, here are the new clothes and stuff:

In Jam Mart Furniture:
Obviously the awesome winning dresser!!

In the Pet Shop:
Grass with worms and a Duck Crossing sign!

There may be new ocean stuff too, but I don't have an ocean animal.
Have fun with the new updates and Jam On!

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  1. Now, I have a question, and I was wondering if you knew what the new animal is going to be with the riddle in the news that said: I live in many areas around the world. My colours range from black to gray to red to white. I am known for being sly and clever and i am soon coming to Jamaa! Now that is what the riddle said and I'm guessing it's a fox because well, its said clever and sly. Anyways it would be nice if someone new what the animal was.

    Sincerely, Scarr25 (my user name is scarr25)


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