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Daily Updates

Hey Jammers! The blog email has changed to ajfeelers@gmail.com!

Friday, September 30, 2011


 The new things are here on AJ, and A LOT of rares came back! (Oh and yes, this post is a day late.)

First, Jamaa Township has a Day of The Phantom's Theme to it:

 The eery music soo fits my personality...

  Then, new clothes! (Halloween Rares)

Sweet! Bat Masks, Scary Horns, Masks, and the Phantom Hat!

 And if you beat 5 levels in the Phantom Vortex...

You get a phantom Statue!

 Oh and you can now recycle things wherever you are!

 Oh and I found Mayksufi and it was a glitch...
 The loading thing is behind her.

Psst.... The answer to the riddle was "time"

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anti-Bullying Day

October 3rd is Bullying Awareness day, and most people are doing something where they wear blue shirts that whole day to stop bullying.
 I also have to do a project in school about Anti-Bullying.
Also, Bullying also kills people, like that one kid.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Movie Theater!

I just finished making the movie theater, with different themes. I just haven't found some videos yet, except for 2 on the Hilarious Page. Click here to check the blog out!

Monday, September 26, 2011

New Code/Very Hard Riddle

There is another 1,000 gem-worth code out.
I'll add it to the other working ones.

Today, instead of the scavenger hunt because this computer is slower than the cows trying to get home, I'll just put up an attempted hard riddle:
This isn't my riddle. I am quoting it from another site, so I will add quotation marks so it won't be plagiarism.

"I turn polar bears white
and I will make you cry.
I make guys have to pee
and girls comb their hair.
I make celebrities look stupid
and normal people look like celebr
I turn pancakes brown (Brown)
and make your champane bubble.
If you sqeeze me, I'll pop.
If you look at me, you'll pop.
Can you guess the riddle?"

Sunday, September 25, 2011


 I was going to go to Bahari Bay with icefang99, until I saw an innocent person sitting on the dock, while another girl was saying, "No, you have to send more!" and making the member mad face.
 I stepped in and asked what was going on, and I realized that the innocent girl was being bullied into sending her things to 2 other mean people. Here is the victim:

Here are the 2 bullies:

 The top one is supposedly the victim's "cousin". She bullied her own "cousin".
 Here is the scene:
Cad12345 is saying, "SO WHY DON'T YOU JUST STOP", while the victim is staring at her in a sad way. Paradisekid is saying, "my cousin made me sad", which is SO NOT TRUE! It's like stealing your baby sister's toy and saying she threw it at you.
Anyway, icefang99 has more proof of screenshots on his new blog. Click here to see it.


 Ok, so we were at someone's den who was having a fashion show, and then TheRaspberry showed up and was begging Wando20 to go to her den. Wando20 politely said no, because she wanted to stay at the fashion show. Then TheRaspberry said, "Wow I thought you were supposed to be nice. I guess Mayksufi was wrong." We all yelled, "SHE IS NICE". TheRaspberry said, "I have a blog too I will tell them that you were being mean." I was thinking, "That will just get her more famous!" 
 He was totally trashing Wando20, thinking that he was the nice one and Wando was the mean one. It should be the other way around. 


Wando20 posted about this also. Click here to see the post.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


 After planning our new week of updates, me and Wolfpup99 have maybe decided to do Bingo games on our blogs. 
 We are still thinking of how it would work out with the Bingo cards and stuff, but here is a preview:

 Again, this is just a preview, and we aren't so sure if this will be a new game or not. But if you have any ideas, just comment!
 Also, we need ideas for the Trading Central!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Trading Central Ideas?

Sorry for the trading central post being removed, but that's a long story. Here is where you can post your comments for ideas for the Trading Central.


 I'm busy with school from well 3 weeks ago until June 14, so I won't be home on the computer from 8:00 AM to 3:20 PM.
Let's see, any new things.........................
 Oh yeah there is an imposter for Wando20 and Mayksufi name Wando19. They copied Mayksufi's bunny, and Wando20, well to make it Wando19.

I am part 4

ok almost done

I am part 3

Ok this is takin a while but I'm almost done just about 2 more posts

I am part 2

Here is the post i told you about oh wait you cant read the words because they are black oh well

I am

Im doing this is so the chat will disappear from the posts. You will see another post above this


This Chat Box is for anyone who would like to chat!
 Here are the rules:
  1. No bad words
  2. No begging to be a member, moderator, owner, or anything else.
  3. Do not spam others
  4. No being gross or perverted! (In case you didn't know, a "pervert" is someone who likes to say or do gross things)
  5. Anyone who has hurtful or hateful words in their messages, names, or anything else will be banned for up to 5 hours. (Depending on how bad it is)
  6. If you have any questions about the chat box, email me at feelers.11@gmail.com.

Get your own Chat Box! Go Large!

"Blank" Trick Answer Revealed!

 On Monday, I showed you the trick that looked like this:

 The answer to this is:

The person looking at the picture should put the tip of their face on the blank space. Then the funny part: A person near them should push their face into the wall.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

New "Tip" Delay/Trading Central

 This week's tip will be delayed purposely, because this week, I will choose some Jammer's to interview for the tips!
 I will ask questions like, "What do you think are some good things about AJ and some bad things?" Or questions similar to that, and some other ones.
 Just a heads up, and I might come ask to interview you! And I want to fix the look of my trading central. As in, not just type up what someone wants and what they would trade, but spice it up a bit and make it look unique. Any ideas? I'm still thinking!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WWYD? # 3

 This week's WWYD is about the gloves that were recently in stores.

  What Would You Do If the gloves were 10,000 gems each? (Be specific!)

 My answer is: I would still try to buy as many as I could. If the ocean games came out before the gloves, I would play Phantom's Treasure a million times and buy gloves!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Sept. 19 Scavenger Hunt!

 Here is the weekly scavenger hunt! Plus, thanks to Pteri4u for helping with the Scavenger Hunt! (Hint: Hey whaddya know, there are 3 new oceans!)
This is the original size.

Also original size.

Again, original size.

Oh look, another original size.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Want me to post something?

 I found an old planner my oldest sister used for school, so I decided to use it to track what posts to post on AJ and stuff.
 Also, if you want me to post anything, just email me! I'll say its from you.
 Sorry, I just don't feel comfortable making authors, because then they would get bossy (not like you already are) and stuff like that. Then it will turn into a disaster.
 If you want me to put up a certain post, set your letter to me up like this:
   Username on AJ: (your username here)
   Please post about: (What you want me to post about)
   I promise to follow the rules [rules posted below do not email me this part of this part] and to be nice, respectful, and fair! [Hey, no crossing your fingers!!!]
  Here are the rules for the posts.
  1. No bad words. Even ones you don't think are bad words will not be accepted. Yes, I know your saying, "That's stupid!"
  2. Be respectful of everyone else.
  3. No calling names or posting to people to ignore and report someone. (I made up my mind not to post about mean people unless its a very clever scammer on the loose.
  4. Please don't be pointless. These are some examples: "Hey everyone!" or "Toilets are cool." Please make the posts Animal Jam related.
  5. Please don't email me a bunch saying "PLEASE POST THIS" "AND THIS AND THIS" "WHY WON'T YOU POST IT?" I won't post every single post and post and post and post. If I get several post requests, then I will post them separately, not all in one day. So please be patient!
  6. If I deny your request because I feel they are not right for the blog (e.g. bad words, not AJ related, scamming, or bunches of mean people) please don't take it personally or get all whipped up about it!
  7. Have fun!

Optical Illusion!

 Today is supposed to be the new riddle, but I decided to do a couple of illusions instead. The first one: "Try to count the black dots. ;)" The answer is at the bottom of this post.

Follow the instructions of this "illusion". Did you figure out the trick? The trick will be revealed on Friday September 23rd.

Answer to the black dots illusion: There are zero black dots.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

New Reports

 I just found out that there are 2 new reports for reporting someone.
 Just an update.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Favorite Shark

 This is off topic with Animal Jam, but here is my favorite picture of the Megalodon Shark! (Charcarodon Megalodon) It is extinct, but lived when the dinosaurs existed. The picture is not real, but it was edited to show that that's how big it really was when it was living.

 And here are some drawn or exaggerated or edited pictures too:

  The last one isn't fake, well the picture is fake, but the measurements aren't.
 And remember, IT IS EXTINCT as in NO LONGER EXISTS. So don't worry about it.

Friday, September 16, 2011

A Shark Problem

 Hey guys. 
 I'm really glad that sharks (and dolphins) came out yesterday. The only problem is the sharks.
 Ever since they came out yesterday, more people have become bullies.
 Just because you have a shark animal, doesn't mean that you can boss people around and say mean things to them!
 Just a few minutes ago I was on Animal Jam, and I was in Deep Blue. I saw a shark saying to this seal, "You better watch yourself seal before I have you as my dinner." The seal was sad, so I stood up for them, and told them that just because they are a shark, doesn't mean they should be mean to the seals!
 After I told them that, they said, "So what are you gonna do about seal?"
 Well they didn't do anything, so I honestly said, "Well you're a shark. What are YOU gonna do about it?" (They were a shark and sharks are tough, but did they do anything? No.)
 They said, "You better watch yourself next time."
 I seriously thought I would through my computer monitor out the window.
 I don't want the sharks to leave, because after I get another membership, I could buy one to look like my other animals.

 To all you sharks out there:
       Just because you're a shark, doesn't mean you have to be a bully to others! Yes, sharks are tough, but on Animal Jam, they are Jammers, not bullies!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Things on AJ! Sept.15

 Hey everyone! The new stuff is out today! Unfortunately, my computer is really slow, so it takes a long time to upload pictures, and then it would say "Not Responding".
  I'm sure you have all been on AJ to see the new things, so I won't be putting the pictures because of the slow uploading. I'll still put the new things though!

  • 2 new animals! A shark and dolphin!
  • New clothes! *The clothes sold in the underwater lands are only to be worn underwater*
  • A new wolf topiary!
  • 6 new flags!
  • 4 new slots for animals and dens!
  • The 3 new underwater lands!
  • New den music: Sky High
  • New den items: Pink rug *Members* & tree *Non members*
  • New clothes (Jamaa): Police hat *Non members* (Seriously again?!?!) & Flower Glasses *Members*
  • *Notes* -Only sharks, dolphins, and seals can be underwater -Being in the underwater lands means you start over on the clothes slots for your underwater animals -New movements for the underwater lands
  Have fun with the new updates!

Monday, September 12, 2011

2 New Servers!

 There are 2 new servers on Animal Jam!

Ganges and Gila!
Oh and I'm hearing that the new stuff will come Thursday or Friday, and the gloves will be gone!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Halloween Codes!

 There are now 3 new codes out, probably for Halloween and the new ocean lands! The new codes are Spooky, Coralreef, and Croc! (Thank you to Spellgirl for coralreef, though I knew it too. SPELL YOUR AWESOME)
 These codes are also worth 1,000 gems.
 Oh and most of the codes are expired, so they don't work anymore, so I'll keep them on the list, but have a new list for the new and working codes!

Animal Jam Scams

 Many people around Jamaa are still trying to scam people out of rares or more clothes or den items. Here are the attempted scams. DO NOT FALL FOR THEM THEY MAKE ME ENRAGE INTO A FLAME.
 Now then. Read these and watch out for them.

  • The Sending Scam: If a person says something like, "Send me a rare and I send you a glove" then do not I REPEAT DO NOT DO IT. Hey all you scammers: Guess what you'll never believe this! Animal Jam invented something called Trading isn't that amaz-a-zing??!?!?
  • The Pillow/Paw Plot: If someone says, "Come to my den and change the color of your glove!" you'll go to their den, right? Once you get to their den, you should see a pillow at coincidentally the bottom left-ish part at the bottom of their den. They will ask you to click that pillow/paw rapidly. As you do this, they put up a LOUSY trade like a pink plain necklace for your glove. The place you click a bunch is exactly where the yes answer is on a trade.
  • The Decline Trade Deception: Some people around Jamaa say things like "I will decline all trades even the rare ones I swear try it out!" You assume that he is being honest, and you put up a glove for his necklace. DON'T DO THAT. He will accept it. Pretty dumb decision right?
  • The Broken Trade Blackmail: Some Jammers say, "I'll trade rares for rares but my trade doesn't work please send me the rares and I will send you mine!" There are 2 parts to this. 1. They could be telling the truth, but they shouldn't be asking to send. There are some glitches where they're yes button doesn't work, or they can't click. 2. They will attempt to scam. You will feel bad for them and you will send your rares. They leave.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

AJ Birthday Cake Explosion!

 I just found out something weird...
 If you click on the flame on the candle on your AJ Birthday cake, this happens!

 Your cake will explode!

 But no worries, it will grow back.

Animal Jam Halloween!

 As you have noticed, I will spice up the blog Halloween style as Animal Jam is getting ready for Halloween!
 This will also be a random post session, so if you want to say something random then comment on this post!
 Jam On and BOOOOOO!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Mirror Questions!

 I was in wolvesr1's den, and she had one of those magic mirrors that answers your questions with a yes, no, or question mark.
 Here are 7 questions that I asked it, and it's answer.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lots o' Glitches

 I found some more glitches, probably not really lots, but some.
My blanket wasn't on my back!
When I danced my ears went through my hat!
This only happened at ferretluv's den! The screen went black and I couldn't see anything!
Only I could see this, and Mayksufi wasn't wearing her Turkey Hat!
This only happened when I was facing upper right or upper left!

I went to someone's den, and I saw someone who knew me. I added them, and then I just walked around the den.
When I went back upstairs, someone said to another person, "Delete Fauna. Tough."
When they said fauna, I though they meant another fauna because there was another fauna in the den. But when they said tough, I wondered, "Why me? I didn't do anything to anybody!"
Were they jealous? Did I somehow say something mean? What did I do?!?!?!
Here is the person:
 Awwww man their picture didn't show! Oh well.

School :(

 Hey guys!
 I know I haven't been updating Jammer of the Week and things like that, but I just started school so it may be a while before I can catch up, so please please PLEASE don't beg or get angry!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


    Ok I just got on and this is what I see!

    Almost everyone was invisible! The second pic was from earlier today, and it showed the blue stars, but nobody was there!

A Quiz on Me

    I'm just a little bored now so I'm going to give you guys a quiz to see how well you know me!
  1. What are "feelers"?
  2. My real glove that I first got was?
  3. I have a rare hamster named?
  4. What date did I make my first post, and what was the post?
  5. What was the first party of AJR?
  6. What was AJR's first official name and what did the blog look like?
  7. What is my favorite food?

Saturday, September 3, 2011


    My membership......expired.
    At first I was like "Oh okay, no big deal." But then I saw EVERYTHING I COULDN'T DO.
    I had 7 different animals. Usually they would let you keep them and play with them..
    Not this time. They let me choose 2 animals to play on. They took allllll the member clothes off my other animals. I chose my usual wolf and my girly eyed bunny.
    Now EVERY MEMBER THING in my den is gone. I know I know, I shouldn't be overreacting, but when I saw the things in my den were gone, its like I was hacked or robbed of my stuff. 
    I'm not allowed to have a membership anymore, unless I buy a card, which is NOWHERE to be found ANYWHERE where I live.
    I'm getting another membership, because that's a goal now, but I need a card, even though I have checked a bunch of stores.
    Animal Jam needs to give the non members a break. They have too many things for members. They're turning into CP. EVERYTHING is for members only.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Party Moved!

    I'm soo sorry guys, but I missed the party because we were going to the movies!
The party is post-poned to tomorrow. Click here for the details!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

A Big Update!

    The new update is finally here, with great things in stores and 2 new animals coming soon!

    First of all, this month is Animal Jam's 1st birthday!
Login with AJBDAY to get your cake!

    There will be a new land or lands, and they will be ocean lands or land!

  Then there will be 2 new animals! Most likely a shark and a dolphin!

  And new ocean games will be coming with the ocean land/lands!

  Plus a new buddy game; marbles!

 And 6 new flags!
  And a bunny topiary!

  And 2 new den items!
An awesome TV and an "A" shelf!
  Annnnd 2 new clothes!

  Oh and what's this? Check the last few pages and you will find......

  The gloves finally came back! AJ knew they were soooooo popular, that they are 2,500 gems! If you try to recycle one, they are worth 750 gems! I already bought 3 new ones.....
  The newspaper archive is updated, and so is the calendar! Have fun with the new updates!


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