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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anti-Bullying Day

October 3rd is Bullying Awareness day, and most people are doing something where they wear blue shirts that whole day to stop bullying.
 I also have to do a project in school about Anti-Bullying.
Also, Bullying also kills people, like that one kid.


  1. Bullying is cruel, insensitive and will never get you anywhere in both the bullys and sometimes the victims life!

    That one kid, I tihnk his name was Jaaaaaaames.......?

    Anyways I cant remember but it was horrible on how bad the bullying was...even with all the support given he could not live through.

    I wish that people would take the consequences of what happened to James.*

    Please, this could happen to anyone if you bully! It could be jokingly teasing or maybe as far as physical violence!

    * This name is a temporary name for my memory is not all that great :P

    - foxlen

  2. I do NOT wanna know...
    *shudders* (james)...

  3. I forget if it's on the same day, but my school does where we wear pink shirts. (doupt It's the same day.)


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