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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WWYD? # 3

 This week's WWYD is about the gloves that were recently in stores.

  What Would You Do If the gloves were 10,000 gems each? (Be specific!)

 My answer is: I would still try to buy as many as I could. If the ocean games came out before the gloves, I would play Phantom's Treasure a million times and buy gloves!


  1. My answer: Buy a glove once. I'd still have over 10,000 gems, but why would I want to spend all my money on one item?
    Or I'd play Temple of Trivia, Overflow (Hard), and Eat 'Em Up (Hard) if they came out again.

  2. Nothing... I don't really like gloves.

  3. Well, I would personally till play Spider Zapper till I drop...literally, DROP. Buy them quickly so I don't waste time, and email Animaljam HQ to ask why they made the price so high and if they can lower it! -wolvesr1 :D

  4. just go around and trade a small rare (ex. clover blanket) for a glove. everyone would have them and since im a nonmember, i would only be able to get one color anyways.
    btw: my rents will let me play AJ again (yaaay! woo hoo!) but only at certain times.

  5. That's a good one wolvesr1! I would email animal jam as many times I can and write on the email "I won't play animal jam any more until you lower the price! I will tell everyone to do the same!"
    And wait for them to lower the price, in the meanwhile, I would buy a glove.


  6. I would play Temple of Trivia over and over, but i still probably wouldn't have enough gems to to ONE. But, I'd still try :P
    Peace and Hugs!

  7. I'd play falling phantoms for 3 days straight and buy like 50 then when they are rare again i'd say FREE GLOVES I HAVE LIKE 40 FOR SALE!



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