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Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Things on AJ! Sept.15

 Hey everyone! The new stuff is out today! Unfortunately, my computer is really slow, so it takes a long time to upload pictures, and then it would say "Not Responding".
  I'm sure you have all been on AJ to see the new things, so I won't be putting the pictures because of the slow uploading. I'll still put the new things though!

  • 2 new animals! A shark and dolphin!
  • New clothes! *The clothes sold in the underwater lands are only to be worn underwater*
  • A new wolf topiary!
  • 6 new flags!
  • 4 new slots for animals and dens!
  • The 3 new underwater lands!
  • New den music: Sky High
  • New den items: Pink rug *Members* & tree *Non members*
  • New clothes (Jamaa): Police hat *Non members* (Seriously again?!?!) & Flower Glasses *Members*
  • *Notes* -Only sharks, dolphins, and seals can be underwater -Being in the underwater lands means you start over on the clothes slots for your underwater animals -New movements for the underwater lands
  Have fun with the new updates!


  1. Gasp I know one thing new, why do you have to moderate comments now?

  2. @ Greenfun
    I'm moderating comments now because I kept getting negative comments. If the negative comments stop then I'll put it back to the normal comments, but if they keep coming I keep it on moderate.


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