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Friday, September 16, 2011

A Shark Problem

 Hey guys. 
 I'm really glad that sharks (and dolphins) came out yesterday. The only problem is the sharks.
 Ever since they came out yesterday, more people have become bullies.
 Just because you have a shark animal, doesn't mean that you can boss people around and say mean things to them!
 Just a few minutes ago I was on Animal Jam, and I was in Deep Blue. I saw a shark saying to this seal, "You better watch yourself seal before I have you as my dinner." The seal was sad, so I stood up for them, and told them that just because they are a shark, doesn't mean they should be mean to the seals!
 After I told them that, they said, "So what are you gonna do about seal?"
 Well they didn't do anything, so I honestly said, "Well you're a shark. What are YOU gonna do about it?" (They were a shark and sharks are tough, but did they do anything? No.)
 They said, "You better watch yourself next time."
 I seriously thought I would through my computer monitor out the window.
 I don't want the sharks to leave, because after I get another membership, I could buy one to look like my other animals.

 To all you sharks out there:
       Just because you're a shark, doesn't mean you have to be a bully to others! Yes, sharks are tough, but on Animal Jam, they are Jammers, not bullies!


  1. OMG that has been going on! This person told me a shark was bullying him, and then I was passing by mean ones, BUT TO NICE SHARKS, I'M NOT TALKIN ABOUT YOU.

  2. I was playing AJ then I saw sharks; one was nice and the others were mean. I asked the nice one and she said that she was a vegetarian. But the other sharks... They tried to eat my seal, but seriously, I kept breaking fights.

  3. I've kind of... well...

    uh, been liking shark attacks?

    . . . . .






  4. Wait a minute... bullies? huh?

  5. I dont bullie people with my shark I stand up for people with my shark so when I see a shark bullying a seal I stand up for them using my shark.

  6. Urg...I have a shark...But I'm not mean on it! Urg...I saw someone say "Add me because I'm popular", so people added her. Then she told to them to call themselves weird over and over again...Then when people got mad at her, she said it was a joke, and "Can't you just take in a joke?". Urg...This was on land, and she was a wolf...URG!!!!

  7. Are you sure she was sad?

  8. Sharks look kinda scary... kind of... and

    I wish I was a dolphin and...

    Bye for Now.

  9. Today, I was playing and a bunch of seals were swimming away from a shark and the shark said "swim or I will eat you" and the seals were all screaming and i came up to the shark with my seal and said, you cant do anything to us because you cant eat me" Then a dolphin said "everyone deserves respect" and the seals started saying "we all deserve equalty" and everyone started adding me, lolz


  10. yes it is a problem of them bullying but another problem is people ignorantly streyotyping every single shark for anothers mean actions. i dont like how i will be hanging out with my friends as a shark and the someone says SHARK -.- the only time u shoud do that people is when a shark is mean to you without you starting anyhting

  11. Sereously- are you sure the seal was sad?

  12. I'm a dolphin on AJ and a shark said he was going to eat me and i said "Well your jus being a bully so leave and stop saying your gonna eat seals and dolphins!!!" and he said "Who cares AJ wont get me banned or anything!!!!!"
    i think AJ did ban him though because i never saw him to this day.

  13. @anonymous
    and I learnt in year 2 of my schooling that if a shark is bothering a dolphin too much then the dolphin can kill the shark what do you say about that bully sharks!

    and once I saw this shark and it was in deep blue and it pretend to push a seal against a stone wall thing and it was being mean to the seal and saying I'm going to eat you and stuff like that and I came up and I said to the shark whats going on and the seal said he is being mean and I don't like it and I bothered the mean shark so much he ran or swam away

  14. I saw lots of sharks being mean to seals in the ocean world before and it made me sad. I hate it when I see people being bullied. I really hope it stops soon because I hate seeing people doing it. Hopefully next time I see it happening I will be brave enough to stand up for the person being bullied.

  15. I have a shark and whenever I swim by people say "SHARK!!!" and go away... :(

  16. I have a shark but im nice...

    some sharks are scary...


    i dont like some sharks.
    bye for now.
    -zigzag32- feelers add me

  17. I like the shark dance, but it bugs me when people are bullies on AJ.

  18. i have a shark but i'm NEVER a bullie i'm always nice
    i don't understand this but ppl on AJ are always
    mean to me


    p.s buddy me if you can please

  19. I have a shark to, but i'm not a bully. I'm always kind to other jammers, and I never aten a seal, i mean, why would I? I would eat... uh... cakes! :D my username is ilovecutechihuahuas

  20. P.S to Feelers: Ich liebe Speck -ilovecutechihuahuas

  21. i have a shark...

    i don't use it much though...

    and people never run away when i do use it...



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